Door Scope (DIY Project Download)

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3975 / Fax: 770. 995. 3897 / Toll Free: 1. 800. 274. SCOPE (U.S. Only). The Door Scope Door Viewer is a revolutionary new security device that can be easily installed in wood, fiberglass, or metal doors. It is designed to replace the standard peephole and give you the peace of mind of clearly seeing who is visiting. DoorScope is a revolutionary product that virtually eliminates the conventional peephole. With DoorViewer, you don’t have to approach the door, or strain your eyes to see visitors through a peephole anymore.

door peephole 2Does anyone have a solution to prevent damage to doors and frames as a result of being slammed? Thanks. This is a simple self-installation system for checking who is on the other side of your door. The Door Scope Monitor fits over your peephole, offering a 120-degree angle of vision displayed on the 3. SURE SVDS SUREVIEW Door Scope – Door Scope Door Viewer Easily Installed 35mm Diameter Viewing.

145 door frame the structural surround for a door leaf, in which it is hung. China Door Scope 5060/45-95-SA is supplied by Door Scope manufacturers, producers, suppliers on Global Sources. Slides under doors in less than a quarter of in inch space. Reduces risk in tactical, covert, and special operations.

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door peephole 3Politica (from door scope series). Fine Arts Interaction Design. 57. 3. 0. Project Featured On: SAIC Portfolios 8/5/2015. Andrea Perales Matamoros, Mexico. Make sure you know who is on the other side of your doors with these heavy-duty peepholes. Advanced design improves visibility through access doors. Special optics allow for a clear view from up to 6 feet away. Forum discussion: My wife is not as tall as the standard small peephole installed in most doors – thus she can’t use the peephole that was pre-installed in the front door of our new home. The Wideview Door Scope is a revolution in door viewer technology. No longer do you need to put your face up against the door to look through a tiny door viewer as the Wideview Door Scope is big enough to see through from up to 7 feet away! Large viewing angle – the Wideview door scope’s extremely advanced optics allow a full 132 degree panoramic view of the outer side of the door.

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