Drawer American English (DIY Project Download)

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Meaning of drawer The Official Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of American English. Available Free Online at www.collinsdictionary.com. The word drawer is often spelled incorrectly as draw. The English language is so hard to learn I wished we had followed America and wrote as it is spoken. In American English a dresser is a piece of furniture, usually waist high, that has drawers and normally room for a mirror. In British English a dresser or a Welsh dresser has shelves in the upper section for storing or displaying tableware.

drawer american english 2Why do New Yorkers pronounce drawer as if it were draw? This entry was posted in American English and tagged New York Accent, words. The Longman English Dictionary provides support and resources for those who want to learn more about English. WordReference Random House Learner’s Dictionary of American English 2016.

OUP English Language Teaching Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf. A piece of furniture with drawers for keeping clothes in She rose from the bed and crossed to the chest of drawers. I keep all my underwear in the top drawer of my dresser, and my pants in the drawer below it.

Drawer-draw Conflation

drawer american english 3American English is full of idioms, as the language changes with everyday use, and these are just some of the phrases that vary by region, class and cultural background. Saying it wrong: Chester drawers Doing it right: Chest of drawers. Blum hinges, drawer runners and lift systems. BLUMOTION is the soft close feature for doors and drawers. More. American English, British words not used in America, Lost in Translation.

Drawer Noun