Drawer Dividers Diy Cardboard (DIY Project Download)

DIY Drawer Dividers (using what you’ve got!). If you measured right, the cardboard dividers should squeeze right in and stay in place without a problem!. Arrangement, Diy Drawer Divider, Cardboard Divider, Cardboard Drawer. Drawer dividers aren’t a necessity for some folks but we love how they make undergarments and accessories a cinch to find. Cardboard, a measuring tool and an X-Acto knife is all you’re going to need for this DIY.

drawer dividers diy cardboard 2Cut a sheet of cardboard to fit those dimensions to create the base of your organizer: Draw cutting lines on your piece of cardboard to fit the dimensions of the drawer’s bottom, using either your ruler or the newspaper guide. One bonus of DIY drawer organizers is that you can make sections to fit oddly shaped items like scissors to conserve space which is what I did. A step-by-step tutorial with pictures on how to make a homemade sock drawer divider. Find a cardboard to use for making the dividers. This will not be a step-by-step tutorial just because my build-in is custom, so I am not sure if my measurements will work for anyone else, but I am sharing the idea and how I made mine, so you can also organize with cardboard. I basically measured just like with the drawer-insert and also measured the dividers I needed for the inside depending on what I was going to place on the drawers.

And if you re feeling crafty, you can make your own DIY version of this smart drawer divider kit. Have you seen the cardboard inserts for wine boxes, Christmas ornament storage boxes, or those special packing boxes with partitions that are used for moving your glassware? Something like this. Get inspired by How To DIY Cardboard drawer dividers. Discover the world’s best crafts tutorials and creative DIY ideas on Craftsmile.com. Happy Crafting! Inspiration For Your Own Stylish, Functional Drawer Dividers. You can also save pieces of cardboard, and trim them to size to make simple, interlocking dividers.

Make Your Own Custom Drawer Dividers

drawer dividers diy cardboard 3I found this article which shows how you can make DIY drawer dividers out of corrugated cardboard and contact paper. So out I went to the store to pick up a roll of adhesive contact paper and a 3 panel cardboard project presentation board (just like the one’s your kids use for science projects).

Real World Organizing: Drawer Dividers For Small Stuff