Drawer Liner Sticker (DIY Project Download)

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Shop outside the big box, with unique items for shelf liner from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Templatepreview description retro peony moisture proof contact paper shelf drawer liner sticker 200x45cmthe contact drawer liner feature a adorable pattern that will look great on any shelf. Shelf Cabinet Drawer Liner Kitchen Cupboard Table Mat Sticker Made of PVC material, durable, waterproof, reusable and it is easy to clean. Specification:.

drawer liner sticker 2Shelf liners do double-duty as personal decorative touches and protective barriers for the surfaces they cover. No matter how sturdy your old liner is, it eventually begins to crack and wear thin,. I have used shelf liner wall decals on a variety of wall surfaces with much success (painted, plaster, tile). It sticks well, doesn’t curl, peels away easily and leaves no residue. Duck Peel & Stick Shelf Liner – White See all Drawer & Shelf Liners. Compare. You may add up to 6 items. You must add more than one item to compare.

Shelf Liner found in: Off-White Non-Slip Shelf Liners. 60 Rolls, Taupe Floral Vinyl Shelf Liners, 12×30 Rolls, Black & White Pattern. Violet Strong tea, knitting, spinning, watercolours, stickers, writing lists and Miss Lottie the Pomeranian. Drawer Liner by The Original Pink Box. The Original Pink Box The Original Pink Box Rosie Sticker.

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