Drawer Lock Joint Video (DIY Project Download)

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The unique geometry of a drawer-lock bit creates a strong bond between perpendicular pieces. And the joint is not only functional, but attractive as well. View PDF instructions and project plans, plus instructional and demo videos. Dovetail joint making. Video. Drawer Lock Router Bit. Two styles of drawer fronts. Katana Dovetail, Glue Joint, Lock Miter and Drawer Lock Router Bits have micro-grain carbide cutters, anti-kickback bodies and safety gauge shanks.

drawer lock joint video 2I’m using a small drawer lock bit from Lee Valley Tools. If you would prefer, you can watch a video of this tutorial. See the video for a demonstration of using the setup jigs on a sled. The locking drawer joint (right) also came out perfect the first time. and you can make overlapping drawer faces with the same bit by just moving the fence back the distance needed when cutting the drawer front. George Vondriska shows a great way to create a drawer lock joint using a table saw in this DIY Drawers video. He demonstrates the correct setup to create both the groove and tongues required for this useful joint.

Our How-To Videos Are Online – Click Here To See The Most Common Router. Watch This Guy May Have Just Revolutionized Box And Drawer Making now. It is basically a lock miter joint, and not a very strong one at that. The joint made by this invention is more like a Rabbet joint which is much stronger and has more surface area for gluing.

The Drawer Lock Joint

As part of my continued education, I want to use a lock rabbet joint, since I’ve never done that one before. I, too, am getting ready to make some drawers and find that video very helpful. Detailed examination of the joints is usually not included in the routine medical examination. Video showing complete knee exam Observation: Make sure that both knees are fully exposed. This can cause a sensation of pain, instability (giving out) or locking in position. Video Demonstrating Anterior Drawer Test. Power-tool Joinery: Lock Joint Holds Drawers Tight. Newest Woodworking Video. To rout the joint for drawer sides,hold the panel vertically against the fence (Photo 6). Newest Woodworking Video.

Drawer Locking Router Bit-carbide Router Bits