Drawer Lock Router Bits (DIY Project Download)

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Our Drawer Lock Bit routs a joint similar to a locking rabbet, but the rabbet is wedge-shaped so the parts fit tighter when clamped. A single bit routs both parts of the joint, and is capable of routing joints for drawers with applied drawer fronts, and for drawer boxes where the finished front is integrated. Strong, well-fit joints are the key to quality drawer construction. Those are the joints you’ll get with our drawer lock router bit, and you’ll get them with speed and efficiency. One safety note before we get into using this bit: Remember that a drawer-lock bit should always be used in a router table, never a handheld router.

drawer lock router bits 2Katana Dovetail, Glue Joint, Lock Miter and Drawer Lock Router Bits have micro-grain carbide cutters, anti-kickback bodies and safety gauge shanks. Amana Tool carbide tipped joinery bits in stock and ready to be shipped today. We have many joinery router bits to choose from. Your goal with the drawer lock bit is to get the location of both the bit height and router table fence set correctly. When both set-ups are correct, the drawer sides will be fed vertically past the bit with their inside faces against the fence.

In Stock Description The key to success when constructing quality drawers is the quality of the drawer lock bit you use. With CMT’s drawer lock bits you can make strong; perfectly fitting joints quickly and easily. Not to be used in a hand held router. Whiteside Drawer Lock Router Bit – Whiteside Router Bits sold at Highland Woodworking, authorized Whiteside Bit Dealer. With this one bit, cut a lock joint that’s ideal for quick construction of strong drawer boxes. Use in a table-mounted router only. The same bit setting is used for both halves of the joint; adjust the fence position slightly to switch between sides an.

Dovetail, Glue Joint, Drawer Lock, Lock Mitre Router Bits And Jointmaker Set

drawer lock router bits 3Diablo’s Drawer Lock Router Bits form a strong joint between the sides and front of a drawer. Featuring TiCo carbide with titanium, these bits provide a long cutting life and ultra-fine finish. Peachtree Woodworking is your one stop shop to Freud Lock Miter, Reveraible Glue Joint, Drwer lock and 22-1/2 Degree Lock miter Router Bits. Shaped and sharpened with diamond wheels as fine as 600 grit, these outstanding router bits are constructed with a high-tensile, silver-based brazing material, which offers the utmost in strength and durability, If you haven’t tried these premium bits, we strongly suggest you put them to the test. Drawer Lock Bits. Reset the fence and cut all the slots for the drawer bottom. The drawer lock bit is designed to specifically to joint 12mm timber at a 90angle to improve joint strength and ease of assembly when making drawer frames.

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