Dresser Drawer Planters (DIY Project Download)

Use reclaimed dresser drawers to plant a bountiful (and unique) kitchen garden. Love the idea of the earthbox but can’t help feeling like sticking living things in giant blocks of plastic is somehow just wrong? Don’t think much about plastic but highly allergic to ugly? Like finding something old and making it new? This instructable is for you. Green diva mizar’s second garden repurposing tutorial – step-by-step how to make old dresser drawers into a great herb planter for the deck or patio.

dresser drawer planters 2Has anyone used an old dresser drawer as a planter box for growing any plants before? Is there any kind of negative ecological impact from doing so?. Don’t overlook old dressers and filing cabinets as junk! Reuse the drawers as planters for the garden and indoors. See how to create your own whimsical dresser planter that will be the star of your garden. Punch a few holes thru the garbage bags and bottom of drawers for drainage.

Have you seen planters made out of old dresser drawers? It is a great idea because most of the dressers that we come across are in real rough shape, but the drawers are perfectly fine. I have seen drawers used for planters several times and loved them. I kept some dresser drawers and have had no idea what to do with them but now I do!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and I am pinning. A friend moved to a smaller place and left a very old very large dresser behind. I drug some of the drawers home and made this planter for her.

Recycled Dresser Drawer As Planter Box?

7. Porch Planter. Leave a comment and you could WIN the Dresser Drawer Porch Planter! A great way to recycle any old drawer or furniture. I found these drawers in a dresser sitting out for the trash pile and instantly imagined kale and arugula shooting out of them on my patio. They weren’t in the best condition, but I figured even if I got one good planter out of them, that was a win! To turn them into a planter,. The FYI Guy, Jeremy Rabe has a fun and gorgeous planter that would look GREAT in your back yard. Here is the step-by-step to active this ‘Dresser Drawer Porch Planter’!! Learn how to make a self-watering planter with an old dresser drawer. Yesterday I posted about my dresser turned television stand. Today I am going to show you how to turn that extra drawer into a little garden! I keep everything left over from previous projects-I hate to let anything go to waste! Some people find my desire to. I used an outdoor paint (the same paint I used for the Wishful Planter). Dresser drawers can hold more than t-shirts and tube socks. Simply cut a hole in the top to plant in the top drawer, and then open the other drawers so that they’re staggered for more planting space.

Dresser Drawers Turned Into A Beautiful Planter Crooked Tree Traders

We found this old drawer t See more about Dresser Drawers, Planters and Dressers. hometalk.com. Dresser+Drawer+Upcycle+to+Planter. Transform old dresser drawers into designer accents with these easy upcycling ideas from HGTV. These beauties I spotted on HGTVGardens are just more proof that if you use your imagination and add proper drainage holes, you can turn practically anything into a planter. You can add legs to the drawers for some height or keep them right in the dresser or desk, if you’d like.