Drolet Myriad High-efficiency Wood Stove (DIY Project Download)

Drolet Myriad EPA-Approved Wood-Burning Pedestal Stove With its classic pedestal base and attractive metallic black finish, the Myriad EPA-Approved Wood-Burning Pedestal Stove is the ultimate heating accessory for your home. The Drolet Myriad High Efficiency EPA Wood Stove adds a colonial style to any bedroom or living area. The high efficiency stove is a metallic black color and has a sharp, smooth design to accommodate any style or decor. The Myriad is a high efficiency wood stove among the biggest in the Large wood stoves category. This pedestal model is EPA certified and is mobile home approved.

drolet myriad high-efficiency wood stove 2Post in ‘The Hearth Room – Wood Stoves and Fireplaces’ started by HighHeat22, Jan 15, 2012. They are EPA tested to meet the standards for efficiency. Drolet Myriad, 1,400 sq. ft. ranch, 15′ chimney, OAK, going on year 4 – very satisfied Stihl MS180 16,MS460 20,28,Huskee 22t splitter,EarthQuake 5t electric splitter 18 cords on hand – wood burned per year 3/2. I was pushing my Myriad the other night when it dropped to 4 here and running it at about 650 stove top with the blower on high the best I can calculate by the load of wood and also by the load calculation for my house at that temp says it was pushing 62-66,000 btu output. Jotul wood stove parts rocket stove design new ecoteck sofia wood pellet stove high efficiency furnace fireplace. Furniture From Wood. Vogelzang the performer high efficiency wood stove 119900 btu product drolet myriad high efficiency wood stove 85000 btu osburn 1500 wood stove. Furniture From Wood.

Drolet Myriad II High Efficiency Wood stove with Blower The Myriad II is a high efficiency wood stove among the XL wood stoves category. This pedestal. Drolet Myriad EPA Wood Stove – DB03050 Almost never undersold. Features: Model Number: DB03050: Ultra-quiet crossflow blower with variable speed control included: High efficiency controlled combustion stove recommended for areas of 500 to 2100 ft2 Metallic black freestanding pedestral model: Deep firebox of 3. Woodstove Brainpicking. Anyhow, I opted for the Drolet Myriad.

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The Drolet Jurassien High Efficiency Wood Stove reflects an elegant style that shares the appearance of a furniture piece. This high efficiency wood burning stove isMobile Home Approved, making it a. Drolet HT2000 High Efficiency EPA Wood Burning Stove – DB07200, More. 2.

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