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Create a Fake wall to hide your Victims door for a prank. It’s great buti would have ran the drywall all the way to the ceiling to make it look less like a door and more like a built in part of the wall br br Just an idea br br Great prank though. Watch drywall prank door videos and then jump to the homepage to watch the funniest and most amazing videos selected by our editors. Get paint, plywood, and putty, and cover his door so it looks like the rest of the wall. Seal his room with drywall, saw this in a youtube video, cant find it thought.

drywall door prank 2If the victim has a recessed door, fill the area flush with the wall (perhaps with drywall) and paint to match the wall. Victim returns to a wall where the door used to be. Hyder and a few colleagues planned to make their boss’ door disappear by putting foam in the doorframe and over the window, and painting it to match the wall. EA’s Prank Wars. So he proposed placing drywall over the wall. Ranked by difficulty level, they range from the relatively simple Paper Clip Chain, which involves clipping together all the clips in the victim’s box, to the Level 5 Drywall Door, which requires an impressive devotion to putting one over on a colleague, not to mention a few sheets of drywall, some lumber and a screw gun. The rest is up to you, though Austin does offer a caveat, lest you find yourself pulling your next prank in the unemployment office: My advice is, always stay at your corporate level, he says.

There are the great office pranks, like covering your bosses’ office in Post-It Notes, or wrapping a cubicle in plastic wrap and filling the space inside the cubicle with everything from balloons to empty soda bottles or packing peanuts. When he returned and opened the door to his office the whole room (chairs, desk, computer, pencils, electric cords, cabinets, baseball cap on his coat rack, and even his light fixtures ) were all shiny in their new silver coverings. The ultimate eZanga prank? While one of our employees was on vacation, we had an extreme home makeover one of our cubicles is a house! Complete with a ceiling fan, roof, shingles, windows, birdhouse, welcome mat, drywall and shelving. The ultimate decision was made to remove the door inside the Womb RA apartment that led to the bedroom and bathroom and replace it with a wall. A Home Depot trip in the evening provided the necessary drywall and tools, and we got to work around 10pm. He had nailed a big piece of drywall to the outside, filled the crack between the door and the drywall with popped popcorn, and you can imagine what happened when we opened the door to leave for class.

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The dazed victim of the prank, Reddit user sal_marin, shared the images on the site, commenting: I stared at the slightly ajar door, absolutely stunned and immobilized. He says that it was inevitable in a house full of mechanics that this would happen, but they really have gone to a lot of effort – building a cupboard behind the door out of drywall. Recessed Door Prank If the victim has a recessed door, fill the area flush with the wall (perhaps with drywall) and paint to match the wall. While their roommate Galen is away, they conspire to make the door to his room disappear. The two fill the opening with drywall, plastering, sanding and painting until Galen comes home. Grand Forks fell subject to an online prank in the past week, connecting a photo of phallic-looking holiday lights to the city. Repair, Remodel, Kitchen, Bath, Doors, Drywall, etc. Page 30 of pranks submitted by people. If the victim has a recessed door, fill the area flush with the wall (perhaps with drywall) and paint to match the wall. But I’m happy any day to see an office door get drywall-shut! BTW that was a good drywall job.

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