Easy Drawer Joints (DIY Project Download)

There are three main elements to the anatomy of a drawer. Understanding them is the secret to building drawers that glide smoothly, hold their weight and never jam. This joint is fast, easy to make, and takes a beating. Drawer boxes are a great example of a need for high strength, because they’re stressed twice with each use. In building drawer boxes, you have three joinery decisions to make: how to join the sides to the front, how to join the sides to the back, and how to join the bottom to all four. From contributor N: Don't you think that you are deceiving your customers? You are making them think they are getting real wood drawers with dovetail joints.

easy drawer joints 2My customers like the look of the exposed 9-plys and lock joints, and the painters and customers both love the fact that the drawer boxes need no finishing. To start building the drawers, I first determine how many drawers of different heights I need to build, and then I rip one lengthwise slice off the plywood for each height multiplied by the number of drawers for those heights. I would like some suggestions for EASY to make drawer joints that don’t require dovetails or any special router bits. This is for a couple of nightstands that I am making. Here’s an easy way to create a rabbeted drawer lock joint, using only a 1/4 slot cutter. It’s easy and it’s fast. See more about Joinery, Drawers and Locks.

HOW TO MAKE DRAWER JOINTS. Drawer Joint Tutorial. DIY from DIY. Joint Tool. See more about Kreg Joint, How To Build and Drawers. Although you can build drawer joints using any number of methods, we think lock-rabbet joints like the ones below make sense for attaching the sides, fronts, and backs of most drawers.

The Quarter-quarter-quarter Drawer System

A drawer may look simple, but the joinery that goes into making it can be complex. Butt Joint. A butt joint is easy to make but weak. The end of one board fits flat against the side of the other, forming a T or an L. Are drawer lock joints the same as the tongue and dado joint nitewalker posted? I know them as tongue and dado joints as well. In this DIY drawers video, get an introduction to lock-joints. Drawers take a lot of abuse. If you want to provide quality work, it’s best to assemble drawer corners with a joint that can stand up over time. I’m going to use my box joint jig which goes on the table saw (here’s the instructable on how to build the jig) to attach the front of the drawers together, however there are many ways to do this – you can simply butt joint the pieces together, cut rabbets (which I do in the back), or get fancy with dovetails or something like that. Drawer Joint Bits. In ShopNotes No. 96, we showed how a drawer joint bit in your router table is a fast and easy way to make drawers in a short amount of time. Learn how to build and use a clever tablesaw jig for perfect box joints. The humble box joint (sometimes called a finger joint) is strong, attractive, and easy to cut using a sled or miter gauge on a tablesaw, outfitted with this simple jig.

How To Make Drawer Joints

Everything you need to know to build drawer boxes for your woodworking projects in this drawer building tutorial. TomThanks for the article I want to make several cabinets for the shop and dreaded making the joints whether they be dove tail or one of the other style this will make it much easier the Kreg system is my favorite way to make many of my projects simple and fast and it holds together. How to build drawers with pocket screws and the Kreg pocket hole jig. Drawer box construction with the Kreg joint tool is quite simple. You only have 5 pieces of wood to assemble.