Electrical Box Drywall (DIY Project Download)

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These codes require that electrical boxes not be covered with drywall, paneling or other wall coverings, but with electrical box covers that can be matched to all boxes. Remodel boxes (also called cut-in or old-work boxes) clamp to the drywall or plaster rather than attach to a framing member, making the work easier. However, they are only as strong as the wall surface to which they are clamped. At the same time you install boxes, attach fans, lights, or other fixtures that need to be hardwired. New-work electrical boxes, 1-1/4-inch wood screws (not drywall screws).

electrical box drywall 2This article will show you how to cut clean, accurate holes in drywall for electrical boxes and lights. And without making a mess. Follow this advice to cut perfect sized openings—not too big, not too small and without broken corners. In order to install a rough-in electrical box for an electrical receptacle after the drywall has been hung, you have to cut a hole that’s large enough to give you access to a stud. You would think that it would be child’s play to nail an electrical box to a framing stud. Yet as a DIY electrician, not a real one, I have broken and warped and misaligned more electrical boxes than you can imagine.

I have to install several electrical boxes for outlets, switches, and fixtures before installing some drywall. The boxes I have look like this:. One option is to just hang the drywall and use old-work boxes for the receptacles. I don’t like to use old work for new work as it doesn’t seem as secure. There are tools that attach to plastic electric boxes. In this video, we’ll finish the job by installing an electrical box and receptacles where we can plug in our TV wires so they’re hidden from view. Cut out the hole with a drywall saw. Watch How to Repair Drywall for more information.

How To Cut Drywall For An Opening

electrical box extender 3A couple of tools and some techniques on cutting clean electrical work boxes every time. Hanging drywall is something that every remodeler does more often than they want to. One of the hardest parts about installing drywall is accurately cutting out the openings for electrical boxes. How to Cut in an Electrical Box (Manual) through Drywall. Is. This nifty drywall tool marks locations of outlet/switch boxes without measuring. A huge timesaver when hanging & installing sheetrock. When adding wiring to an existing house it is not practical to remove large sections of drywall just to mount electrical boxes and run cables. It’s easy to make a mistake when measuring and marking the location of electrical outlets on drywall. Here’s a tip.


I am in the process of updating electric in my house and adding additional switches. I was cutting a hole in an existing wall for a new switch,. So, adding a new layer of drywall added another 1/2 inch of depth to our wall, but we didn’t change the depth or location of our outlet boxes. Stand the drywall sheet in position against the wall. Use a rubber mallet to tap on the drywall directly over the electrical box. The outline of the box will be transferred to the rear of the drywall sheet. If you need to extend an electrical box so it becomes flush with the drywall here’s what you need to know. I installed my electrical box to deep.

This electrician used drywall screws to mount everything to the plastic electrical boxes. When I questioned their use, and mentioned that all the fixtures had the correct screws I was told I was nit-picking by the builder. Deter tampering with our selection of electrical boxes, available in a variety of sizes. Forum discussion: Did some renos one of my outlet box sticks too much out of the drywall I didn’t touch or reno this box but it looks like the stud behind the wall is warping and the electric box is nailed to it so it’s porotruding how can I quick fix it I don’t wanna. I stupidly, not knowing better hid a bunch of junction boxes behind the drywall. Besides the pain in the butt it would cause if someone ever needed to. An oversize drywall cutout around an electrical box can ruin the appearance of an otherwise perfect taping job. The best way to fix it is with drywall compound See more about Drywall, The Family Handyman and Ruins.