Electro Swing Dance Couple (DIY Project Download)

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Electro Swing (also known as Swing House or Boom Swing) is a relatively new form of music that blends aspects of classic jazz music and electronic beats. Yeah, that’s right. Put your dancing shoes on, turn the volume way up and click play to get down to this sweet video above from WhyNot demonstrating some seriously slick casual electro-swing dance moves on display. Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer was playing, swing dancers were dancing and everyone was properly dressed up and getting into the music all ages.

electro swing dance couple 2There is an Electroswing Club starting up in Hollywood on October 17. But I find hard to dance to more than a couple songs of it a night. Get Couple Dances To Electro Swing Spotify Link In Description full song audio or search any related Couple Dances To Electro Swing Spotify Link In Description. Electro Swing Fever had an energy that invited people to dance, not in the winding-grinding style readily accepted today. Under the pulsing red lights shining from the stage, I noticed a couple dancing to the beat of the music in a style unbeknownst to the modern club-goer.

The now viral video from Montreal Swing Riot has gotten a lot of people excited about the potential for combining lindy hop with other street dances and more contemporary music. Check out this round that features a couple of Hotshots doing some popping and solo jazz to an electronic song. Jive differs from regular social swing dances in that electroswing is spun all night by DJs, and there isn t a distinct beginning or end of any song; it s a continuous stream of music. I attended Jive this past Friday with a couple of friends, and had a great time. By popular demand and some moves for your grooves, we kick off the party with a dance session lesson featuring the aficionado stylings of THAT SWING! For this round s prize, courtesy of RED VELVET STYLING, we re offering up a private vintage photo shoot for the most DIVINE DOLL, DAPPER DUDE, and CLASSY COUPLE!

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West Sacramento swing dancing lessons serving Northern California, call (916) 221-1500. Midtown Stomp has dance lessons available for all who love to dance. We have semi-regular socials (usually at the Vic) every couple of weeks during the semester as well as the occasional big one. Swing Dance T-Shirts will do the talking for you. Find fresh Swing Dance designs created by independent artists. Spreadshirt has a massive selection of Swing Dance T-Shirts for any occasion. Nelson dance group ‘Dance the Sun’ are running another six week course in electro swing. Dance the Sun ran an electro swing course earlier this year and the course was very popular. 8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. – stream 13 electro swing dance playlists including electro, swing dance, and electro swing music from your desktop or mobile device. Learn how to dance to the music with our Musicality Course! The course will go over the basic shape of a swingout and progress to more in depth technique and a couple of variations to spice things up a bit.

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Learn to dance the Charleston and the Lindy Hop with Mersey Swing! Couple dances to electro swing (spotify link in description).