Electronic Cat Door (DIY Project Download)

Power Pet Electronic Pet Doors, the World’s Best Fully Automatic Electric Pet Doors for Dogs Cats, Only Power Pet Doors are Fully Automatic Pet Operated. The e-Cat Electronic Cat Door is a cat door designed with your Ideal Pet’s safety and sense of adventure in mind and is for cats up to 25 lbs. With our automatic electronic pet door, your dog or cat can go in and out of the house whenever it wants. You get peace of mind and your pet gets more exercise to burn off excess energy and relieving itself whenever needed, which means a happier, healthier pet.

electronic cat door 2Power Pet Large Electronic Automatic Dog Door FACTORY DIRECT from HIGH TECH PET. Of all the electronic cat doors I have seen on the market, these are by far the best. Hands-free operation, programmable, and will only let your cats in and out. The Transcat Clear Cat Door can be used as a standard cat door or it can be up-graded to become an electronic cat door, the Transcat Especial Cat Door.

The electronics are shown without enclosure, but it is advised to put an enclosure around the electronic parts once you’re done.

Automatic Pet Door

Rfid Cat Door