Emily Henderson Styling Shelves (DIY Project Download)

Either way, making the shelving in your house look pulled together, interesting and stylish is challenging and poorly styled shelves are a problem riddling America. Because styling a huge open bookcase in the middle of your house is hard. I should talk though, my own shelves are very monochromatic, ha! Although the contents of the shelves are constantly changing for different blog posts or shoots the formula and process of how to style it out stays the same (in case you missed our most recent post on how to style out your shelves, you can check that out to help you through the process), and is quite simple when you boil it down.

emily henderson styling shelves 2Shelves in Living Room Emily Henderson for Target. Styling with neutrals. Guide to Styling Bookshelves. Design Star winner and Secrets from a Stylist host Emily Henderson also shares a great tipon the HGTV website, emphasizing creating balanced asymmetric compositions on bookshelves. You may know Emily Henderson as a very stylish lady with a very stylish home. Here are three steps to styling shelves so your shelves look as interesting and pulled together as you are.

Styling guru Emily Henderson recommends these four tips in styling your own bookshelves Mix it up Generally when styling bookshelves, you want to mix up what goes on them. Look at Emily Henderson’s perfectly styled shelves below. Notice that she has stacked books, perched items on top, leaned objects in front, and layered a variety of textures and colors. The decorating experts at HGTV.com share tips for styling your bookshelf or mantel like a pro. Designer Emily Henderson gives these bookshelves a timeless English-library feel by grouping similarly bound books and mixing in a few old cigar boxes and vintage finds, like a rotary dial telephone, brass eagle bookends and a bronze horse.

Bookshelf Styling Ideas

Bookshelf Styling Tips from HGTV’s Emily Henderson. These four vignettes show that styling your shelves doesn’t always have to go ‘by the book. If styled well, shelves can also be a central design element in your home. -Styled by Emily Henderson – the master of bookshelf styling. Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves Emily Henderson, Angelin Borsics. how to hide that tv Everyone has them. We all watch them. If you love the decorating shelves at Home Goods, you will love this book. Great if you are an Emily Henderson fan, but most of what’s pictured caters to a pretty specific design style. But I did want it to feel less important than it truly is, so I decided to flank it with these simple white West Elm Parsons shelves and fill those bad boys with my favorite things.

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