Empty Pallet Storage (DIY Project Download)

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Empty pallets are a problem for many operations. They take up productive space and can even be a safety hazard. How can you store them? Empty pallets are bulky, heavy and take up a lot of room. It’s tempting to store them however is easiest and saves space, we get it, but improper pallet storage is an accident waiting to happen. While empty pallets lying around the sales floor might not seem like a big problem to some business owners, the risk of employee injury and OSHA fines are significant threats. OSHA does not have a standard for pallet storage in the general industry category.

empty pallet storage 2Whether it’s pallet rack, cantilever rack, bulk racks, stacking racks, or pallet rack systems, Material Flow has rack for every application. Implementing rack system solutions is one of Material Flow & Conveyor Systems, Inc’s strongest attributes. The safest place for storing idle pallets is outside of and away from the building you occupy or in an exterior building or trailer. Here are storage guidelines from the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA):. The HSE has prosecuted a storage and distribution firm after a stack of empty wooden pallets toppled on to and killed an employee.

Placing empty pallets on the sales floor is in direct violation of OSHA regulation 1910. In addition to pallets, this regulation is in place for all cargo and materials typically stored in tiers. Handling empty pallets in pallet flow case-pick applications is tricky. See how return lanes get pallets out of the way and keep productivity on track. The empty pallet storage is a device that automatically feeds pallets onto the line, ensuring the autonomy of the system.

Empty Pallet Storage

NFPA (I don’t recall the standard number) states that, due to fire concerns, empty pallet stacking be limited to 15 feet. The Asia Food Journal finds that stacking height also affects the package performance, and over time high humidity, storage time and stacking height can all erode the integrity of a stored package. Empty pallet stacker. TOP 3 BENEFITS: Stacking / destacking of empty pallets; Maximum load: 15 pallets; Output: up to 180 pal/h. Previous. Product information.

Osha Regulations For Empty Pallets On The Sales Floor