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Being named to a chair is a prestigious award, and in many cases it is a lifetime (or at least, until retirement) position. For a specific example of the policy for endowed chairs at one university (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), see here. The noun form of well-defined. However, few speak of service as key to the role of the endowed chair. The ample time that one has in such a position allows one to define not only ambitious research goals for oneself, but even more importantly, service goals vis- -vis the department and university. What is an endowed chair or professorship? Having endowed faculty means students get to rub elbows with the most talented scholars in the world.

endowed chair definition 2(chiefly US) An endowed faculty position which is supported by the annual payout from a privately funded endowment. The endowment may cover the faculty salary, research and travel stipends or other associated costs and continues in perpetuity. Income from an endowed chair, professorship, or faculty fellowship position is used to support a full-time faculty member or visiting faculty member as specified by the conditions of the gift. DEFINITIONSRETURN TO TOP. Looking for online definition of endowed professorship in the Medical Dictionary? endowed professorship explanation free. Chair Academia A university or academic appointment supported by income from an endowment, usually awarded to a person who is already a fully-tenured professor.

At Michigan State University, an endowed chair provides financial and physical resources for the recipient, who may fund graduate students, support staff, travel, and other research-related expenses. The holder of an endowed chair is receiving one of the most prestigious honors that can be bestowed on a University of Virginia faculty member. The institutional expectation of unquestionable excellence means that the person is deemed to have achieved the highest stature and exemplary accomplishment in a discipline or area of research as judged by an independent assessment of his or her peers. To implement University Policy 9-003 (POLICY ON ENDOWED CHAIRS AND OTHER NAMED POSITIONS) by further defining the positions and titles to which the Policy applies, by prescribing procedures for establishing named positions and appointing individuals to such positions, and by prescribing procedures for periodic review of individuals holding such positions.

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Scope: This policy applies to all donor restricted funds that have been established at the University of Richmond to support an endowed chair. Definition. The academic tradition of endowed chairs dates back to 1502, when Margaret of Richmond, mother of Henry VII, established the Lady Margaret Professorship of Divinity at Oxford University. These seats constitute a powerful means of attracting and retaining superior faculty members by providing a permanent source of financial support for salaries and academic activities. Definition: An endowed chair is a perquisite, not including base salary for the academic year, supported by income from an endowed fund established by gift or gifts from private sources. Creating a chair or professorship is one of the most significant investments a contributor can make at UW Medicine. Knight Foundation has established endowed chairs in journalism at top universities nationwide. The chairs are leading journalists who take positions as tenured professors within academia. Texas State has defined two specific levels of support for endowments created to provide special faculty appointments: Endowed Chairs and Endowed Professorships. An Endowed Chair is a special academic appointment carrying with it considerable prestige, and demonstrating the strongest commitment on the part of a donor and the University to a particular academic program.

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