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What is returned is the count of the rows in the data range, which represents your PivotTable. If you want to determine the row count in a macro, the following line will assign the value to the lRowCount variable:. And I have a Pivot Table with Borough as the Column and Date Added as the row (which ive grouped into months & years), which makes something like this:. Count unique items (count distinct) in an Excel pivot table. On the Data sheet, in cell M2, enter this formula, to calculate the last row in the pivot table’s Units column:.

excel count pivot table rows 2Add your own formulas in a pivot table, by creating calculated fields. Because the data is in a named Excel table, the formula will automatically fill down to all the rows. Then, when your pivot table opens, create your rows, columns and values normally. Then click the field you want to calculate the distinct count of and edit the Field Value Settings:. I’m using a pivot table in Excel to create a report for that data. I need to calculate and display a field that will count the number of rows where AmountA is greater than 0.

I have an Excel 2010 pivot table containing, initially, 3 row label fields. If the task at hand is to count the number of rowfields that may exist in a pivottable, you should enjoy this line of code:. To obtain a distinct count in an Excel 2013 PivotTable, here is what we do. 10 Helpful Excel PivotTable Tips for Quick and Efficient Data Analysis. Note that each column has a unique name and there are no empty rows or columns. You might think you have to be working with numbers to use a PivotTable, but by default, a PivotTable will count any text field.

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excel count pivot table rows 3Anybody have a formula to count the rows used by a pivot table? i have seen vba methods but not a formula yet?. This is a discussion on count rows used by pivot table within the Excel Questions forums, part of the Question Forums category; anybody have a formula to count the rows used by a pivot table? i have seen vba methods but not. Table of Contents Count unique distinct records Count duplicate records Excel 2007 pivot table: Count unique distinct records (rows) The table. As a workaround, you can add a column to the pivot table source data, and use a formula to calculate one or zero in each row. In the screen shot below, I used the COUNTIFS function, which is available in Excel 2007, and later versions. Count unique and distinct rows in Excel. Counting unique / distinct rows in Excel is akin to counting unique and distinct values, with the only difference that you use the COUNTIFS function instead of COUNTIF, which lets you specify several columns to check for unique values. I have not been able to do that so another possibility would be to actually have a formula outside the pivottable to count the number of rows between England and England Total. When I refresh the pivot to include newly added rows (change data source), it wipes out my pivot and I have to rebuild it.

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Fortunately, with some crafty use of COUNTA(), pivot tables, and named ranges, none of these challenges are insurmountable. There is a bug in most versions of Excel such that, if you use a non-absolute reference (i. Learn how to use Excel’s PivotTable feature to generate meaningful reports that summarize data. To reduce problems, your data set should contain no blank rows or columns, no subtotals, and should be in tabular format. Summarizing data is the main purpose of a PivotTable, and a PivotTable can count values and text. Pivot Tables aren’t merely a way to interact with your data. Excel pivot tables default to counting. Here are three quick ways to avoid manually changing functions every time a pivot tables runs into a blank.

I am looking for a method to count the number of rows in a Pivot table. The rows will vary dependent on when the data is pulled. I know I can select the rows by using the following: ActiveSheet. A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set. Our data set consists of 214 rows and 6 fields. For example, click Count.