Exercise Stepper Box (DIY Project Download)

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Overview. Versatile pieces of fitness equipment, step boxes can be used at the gym, at home or at your favorite outdoor workout spot. Here are 8 exercises you can do using nothing but a plyo box. Step up onto the box with one leg, then bring the other leg up as you straighten both legs. Fit Mom Step Overs. The step over is a low impact exercise that targets the lower body. The lateral box jump is a beginner level plyometric exercise.

exercise stepper box 2The box step up is a lower body exercise that targets the glutes, quads and hamstrings. This exercise is suitable for all fitness levels. The step up is the most basic exercise you can perform on a step box. Hop on your strength and cardio game with plyometrics exercises from trainer Bob Harper. Propelling yourself up on the box, even if you’re just stepping up, you’re creating a force that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Lose weight fast and get a total-body burn with this plyometric workout you can do with just a box and your own body weight! Get detailed instructions on Barbell Step Ups. Learn correct technique with our Barbell Step Ups video, photos, tips and reviews. Look no further than this plymetric box workout you can do as a home-based form of fitness. 5 minutes: Lateral step-ups, crossing back and forth across the plyo box.

Box Step-ups Exercise

Improving your overall health is just a few steps away. An aerobic stepper can help you improve your cardio endurance, strengthen your legs and burn calories. Fitness Steps, Aerobic Steps and Step Aerobics. Reebok Step including workout DVD. RRP:99.99. Only: 64.98. Out of stock. Bodymax 3 Soft Plyometric Box. Back in college, I thought the stepup was a stupid exercise. They were a part of my strength and conditioning program when I played football at Amherst College. Out of control, I’d step up and just collapse down from the box. It jarred my joints and I couldn’t feel any sort of muscle work from it. Exercise steps, such as this step-up box set, improve the explosive power of the leg muscles so sprints will be faster and you will be able to achieve a higher vertical jump. The height of the step box determines the intensity of the exercise. Never use a box that is too high to make stepping down in a controlled manner possible. Titan Fitness 12 18 24 Plyometric Box Set HD Step Cross Plyo Jump Exercise.

Step-it-up Plyometric Total Body Workout

How to Shadow Box For Fun and Exercise. Shadow boxing is the act of punching into the air, usually without an opponent, as exercise. The name comes from the practice of standing close to a wall and pretending to punch the shadow you. Shop online for exercise and fitness equipment at Target and shape up with the ultimate home gym. Free shipping on select items when you spend 25.