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EXO Next Door Information, EXO Next Door Reviews, Synonyms: Woori Yeopjibe EXOga Sanda;; We live next door to EXO; Main Role. Moon Ga Young. Ji Yeon Hee. Main Role. Do Kyung Soo. Himself. Main Role. Main Role. I really like EXO but it’s turned me into an even BIGGER fan. Not to mention that it is the EXO, for me the best is her brother and Sehun. EXO Next Door – Ji Yeon Hee lives the ultimate boy next door fantasy when K-Pop group EXO moves in next door. Main Navigation. Cast Members.

exo next door main cast 2EXO’s main vocal as well as a natural witty guy Baekhyun. He shares brotherly feelings with Sehun who moves next door. I watched this popular romantic comedy, EXO Next Door (2015) with my daughter and got a lot of laughs out of it. After seeing Chan Yeol as himself in Roommate for 19 weeks last year I know in real life he is a polite sweetie pie, but here in EXO Next Door his character is rather mean and impatient toward Yeon-hee, so I had an emotional adjustment to make and was happy when his character finally let down his guard and became nicer to her. I have to admit, however, that it wasn’t one of the pretty boys from EXO who entertained me the most in this show – that honor goes to the actor who played Moon Ga Young’s crazy brother, Jang Yoo Sang, who had me in stitches laughing during every scene he was in. The web drama EXO Next Door premiered on April 9 to great fanfare. EXO Next Door is broadcast through LINE, Naver TV and through the Chinese video service iQIYI. EXO Sehun and RED VELVET Irene Couple Up in the February 2016 issue of CeCi Magazine PHOTOS.

I’m looking forward to Sehun’s character the most. Live vicariously next door to EXO through main actress, who’s also an EXO fan. Live vicariously next door to EXO members through Moon Ga Young, who stars as an EXO fan just like the rest of us. EXO NEXT DOOR es un mini drama. Canal: LINE / Naver TV Cast. D.O., Sehun, Chanyeol y Baekhyun comparten la noticia de que EXO NEXT DOOR es el primer drama online que consigue 10 millones de visitas, tambi n las agradecen. Read our complete review of Korean drama EXO Next Door and visualize the best and worst of it with the Funcurve impression graph. Episode four is when EXO Next Door’s main plot begins to unravel.

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It was good as it started and usually movies build a character and the plot thickens but this movie didn’t hit those points. (Also known as EXO lives next door, EXO lives next door to my house)Korean Name: Genre(S): Romance, Comedy, DramaBroadcasting Station: Naver TV Cast(SK), LINEYear Aired: 2015Season(S): 1 (Movie coming soon)Episodes: 16 (round about 15 minutes each)Plot: Ji Yeon-hee is an extremely shy, introverted 23-year-old girl with zero dating experience and a tendency to blush when talking to someone she likes. One day, four young men move into the house right next door to Yeon-hee's home, and to her surprise, they turn out to be Chanyeol, D.O, Baekhyun and Sehun from her favorite boy band Exo, who are looking to lay low for a while. The lead female character is played by actress Moon Ga Young. EXO will be starring in a mini series called ‘EXO NEXT DOOR’ and the broadcast date has been announced for April!SEE ALSO: EXO-L angered at ‘Fantastic Duo’ for treating EXO as nothing more than a ‘viewership rating shuttle’. The members will showcase their acting skills to make us laugh, cry, and maybe throw a fit of jealousy over their interaction with female lead, actress Moon Ga Young! I really want Chen to be a main character ugghhhh;.

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