Exo Next Door Plot (DIY Project Download)

The popular web drama ‘EXO Next Door’ is coming to DramaFever. They don’t drag a single plot throughout all the episodes. There will be many little small subplots, but all of it contributing to the overall plot. Okay, I’m back with Episode 2. Not sure if I would continue recapping or doing discussions on this – it depends really. In this episode, the story is set in place and they drop us some juicy information.

exo next door plot 2Previews for the next episode show Yeol dancing with Suho. A scream was then heard. Any theories on how this will go with the plot? See this Instagram video by smexo_news 7213 likes. EXO-L’s, get ready for an overdose — we could be wolves growling over the next episode.

All of the EXO members get together and greet one another with high fives and hugs before going into hair and makeup to get ready for their photoshoot.

Exo Next Door

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