Expanding Wooden Table Plans (DIY Project Download)

Builder Selling DIY Plans to a Fletcher-Capstan-Style Table: What Say You? It was, the original expanding table idea by Robert Jupe in 1835 and the modern self storing iteration by David Fletcher in 2002, GB2396552. A Brief History of Wood-Splitting Technology, Part 1: Riving for Reavers. Fine Woodworking Magazine Subscribe now! When it comes to building an expanding table, there are several ways to get the job done. I have searched everywhere for plans to build the hardware for something like this but it seems to be a closely guarded secret. The quality of one’s woodworking is directly related to the amount of flannel worn.

expanding wooden table plans 2He talks about plans in the video. where is the link to those? I have researched various jupe tables and similar expanding round tables with none that satisfied me – either they were designs I was afraid to try and recreate then build, or the product was not what I wanted for my home. U can buy plans for a 4 leaf one based on Jupes design. The Fletcher Capstan Table is named after designer Fletcher David, its a kind of table which automatically expands from a small size to a larger one. It was called as Jupe s table Youtube Video initially round, and had an ingenious geometry and a similarly ingenious method of making it expand radially, changing from a small size to a table of larger diameter. The table transforms from a small circular wooden table into a larger diameter by rotating its side while the extra wooden pieces (2nd layer planks) underneath the furniture in its small state and then automatically raises them up and adds them to the whole circular form of the table as you rotate and transform the furniture into a larger piece.

Inspired by the beautiful (and expensive) Fletcher Capstan Table, YouTuber Scott Rumschlag designed and built his own expanding table. The layers on Scott’s tables are exposed from the side, so you can see the parts move as the table turns. My DIY wooden expanding table. I hope he posts/sells plans for this. Well, if you look at the very first image you’ll see that this table started exceptionally ugly, even the shirt I wore was old and used up! ha ha ha. High-Tech Dining Table Rotates, Expands & Doubles in Size. Extendable Wood Dining Room Table Set With a Twist.

An Expanding Wooden Table

Each table is comprised of eight pies, sixteen panels for the eight leafs, a cabinet which stores the leaves, a turret which the table spins on, and a base, which there are several designs to choose from. There are however new designs being forged that allow a table to be opened up using a tiny concertina effect (the ingenious concept above) that negates the need for any separate pieces, as well as many that now have the leaves folded and concealed within the table itself. 19; Designer: Resource Furniture: The Goliath Expanding Table. The table can expand from a small size to a larger one while maintaining its circular design during the process. It’s made of wood, aluminum and stretched elastic canvas.

Diy Expanding Table