Exterior Door Frame Components (DIY Project Download)

Exterior door frames are made from a variety of materials including wood, PVC and fiberglass composite. As a leader in high-performance PVC components PH Tech offers a door frame with the strength and endurance to guarantee steady and secure performance year after year. Our exterior doors have hardwood cores made by cross-grain block gluing that keeps the door stiles stable. Jamb: The vertical component of a door frame. Stora Enso offers finger-jointed wood components for door and door frame manufacturers.

exterior door frame components 2Roland Boulanger & Cie Ltee presents its exterior door frame collection, including raw FJ Pine, PVC wrapped, vinyl, wood grain or staple finish wrap options. Composite & Fiberglass Components Computer Software & Systems. To understand how your door functions, one must know the components of a typical door system & their roles. The decorative molding used to finish the exterior face of a wood frame at the wall joint. No matter how well a home is built, over time water and insects will come into contact with exterior door frames. Builders demand products that will resist rot.

Composite frame components are not as rigid as wood and may require extra shimming and fasteners, especially on 8′ doors.

Exterior Door Frames From Boulanger

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