Extra Wide Garage Doors (DIY Project Download)

Triple garages normally require a garage door in the region of 6500mm wide or wider and if you are building to this sort of width then the height of the garage to keep a balanced visual appearance is normally higher than normal which for most garages is about 2200mm. Garage doors sizes are available in a variety of sizes. RVs have bigger room to accommodate for, so keep in mind the specifications for RV garage doors are 16′ wide by 8′ tall garage door and 9′ ceiling. Leave extra room so that it does not get too crowded inside. These days, it is also possible to find garage doors that are 20 feet wide or even wider. When you add in the extra width of these cars, plus the width of the extended mirrors, these might be tough to pull into a narrow garage opening.

extra wide garage doors 2Raynor commercial sectional products are a perfect fit for agricultural door applications. Each of our TC Series doors can fit openings up to 40 feet wide by 32 feet high, and comes with a center post with carry-away and swing-up options for extra-wide openings. Our TC Series of sectional garage doors come in sizes up to 40 feet wide and 32 feet high. You don’t need the extra post in the middle. In addition, you need two garage door openers at twice the cost for a double-door setup. A single door, 16 feet wide, that opens the garage is more efficient. Garage doors are a key to enhancing curb appeal and can have a big impact on your home’s value. Because of its light weight, aluminum is a good choice if you have an extra-wide double door; it won’t put as much strain on the operating mechanism.

I recently bought an old house, and it has a detached garage, that never had a door installed on it. The garage itself is 24 wide, by 26 deep. All of our garage doors can be made-to-measure at little or no extra cost. To create your made to measure garage doors, simply choose from our wide selection of styles, finishes, colours and sizes to create a door designed to your requirements. Replacing your garage door is a quick way to increase the value of your home. Because aluminum is extremely lightweight, this material is best for extra wide double doors.

Agricultural Doors

extra wide garage doors 3Doors over 10 feet wide usually have at least one strut across the top of the top section. Otherwise, the extra weight will shorten the life of your garage door opener. We offer huge garage door selections including steel, aluminum, wood, and carriage style garage doors and garage openers. Customize your own garage door or shop our wide variety of stock doors available for pick up today. A sectional overhead panel garage door is an elegant and welcoming feature for your home. Green Kite’s remote controlled roller garage doors are able to offer an effective solution to renewing your tired existing garage door. Tall openings, arches and extra wide openings are not a problem for us to accommodate. We offer garage door repair installation on both motors and doors for residential and commercial purposes. We are a local, valley wide service company that specializes in building custom wood garage doors. These large but, skillfully designed doors allow the extra room you need to park your dream vacation on wheels in one place. A standard double garage door is 7 ft. high by 16 ft. wide. Doors with openers also require two extra pieces of hardware that you’ll see in Photo 4: a support strut (usually included in the door kit) and an opener bracket (not included).

20 Foot Wide Garage Door, Possible Concerns?