Face Frame Drawer Slides (DIY Project Download)

When face frames aren’t flush with the cabinet box, setting drawer slides is tricky. Cabinetmakers share tips and techniques. July 9, 2005. Face Frame Bracket for Accuride 3732 Low Profile Drawer Slides. 8.99. To install side mounted drawer slides in cabinets with a face frame there are basically two options: a) use rear mounting brackets or b) use horizontal spacers.

face frame drawer slides 2These Liberty Face Frame Drawer Slide Kits (2-Pack) offer an alternative mounting option for face frame cabinet installation. The slide kits are compatible with D806 drawer slides (not included). Liberty 3 in. Face Frame Sockets for Drawer Slides (2-Pack) complete a drawer slide assembly set. They allow easy drawer slide installation, creating a sturdy, reliable and functional drawer. When mounting drawer slides, you will be dealing with one of two different types of construction; frameless, or face frame (for more on frame and frameless construction, see Canadian Woodworking Magazine October/November ’06, issue 44).

Remove old drawers and drawer slides from inside the cabinet. Insert the drawer slides into the metal brackets at the back of the cabinet; screw the front end of the slides to the cabinet face frame. For a bit of info about the project: the cabinet is a simple plywood box with a face frame, so the drawer slides are being installed with face frame brackets on the front and back. One wont have any face frame and I’ve done slides on that type before. But the other has a frame and aside from the overwhelming choices in slide brand/style, etc.

Liberty Face Frame Slide Kit (2-pack)-d806sec-w-d

Advantages and benefits. – Slides are installed under the drawer to give unobstructed view of finely crafted drawers. – Weight capacity: 80 lb dynamic, 100 lb static. Economy Face-Frame Slides, Standard Blum Slides, Tandem Slides, Self-Closing Full-Extension Slides, 50 lb Under-Mount Slides, Extra-Heavy-Duty Slides, Double-Tiered Full-Extension Slides, 75 lb Slides (Full Extension), 100 lb Slides (Full Extension), 100 lbHold-Out Slides(Full Extension), 130 lb Entertainment Center Slides, 200 lb Slides, Standard Kitchen Slides, European Kitchen Slides, Slim-Line Drawer Slides, Metal Side Slides, 75 lb Bottom-Mount Slides (Full Extension), Center-Mount Slides, Drawer Slide Spacers, Center-Mount Drawer Slides, Veritas Micro Drawer Slides, Wooden Drawer Guide).

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