Family Bed Sharing (DIY Project Download)

Find out how common co-sleeping is, how to decide whether sharing a bed with your children is right for your family, and what the bed safety issues are. Controversy over the family bed, or co-sleeping as it’s often called, seems to come and go in waves. Be sure that you’re making an informed decision, so you know what you’re getting into if you let your child begin — or continue — to share your bed. More generally, bed sharing seems to be pretty safe for older babies. For example, if the bed is elevated from the ground, the baby is protected from falling out by being placed between the mother and a safe barrier, like the Humanity Family Bed Cosleeping Pad.

family bed sharing 2One Texas family’s unusual experiment has lasted six months. For some, the idea of many loved ones sharing a bed each night epitomizes the beauty of the parent-child bond. Former Disney Staffers Share Their Best Hacks For The Parks. Cosleeping, also known as sharing sleep or having a family bed, is a parenting practice that still smacks of taboo in our Western culture.

Co-sleeping is a practice in which babies and young children sleep close to one or both parents, as opposed to in a separate room. Bed-sharing, a practice in which babies and young children sleep in the same bed with one or both parents, is a subset of co-sleeping. John Lennan, a spokesman for Webb County child protective services in Laredo, said that each family’s situation is examined individually to offer recommendations for a safe environment for the children. But in much of the rest of the world, the baby either sleeps with parents (bed-sharing) or in close proximity to the parent (co-sleeping). Bed-sharing, or co-sleeping, is most common among black and Hispanic families; nearly one-third of black parents surveyed said their baby slept with an adult or another child.

What Happened When A Family Of 7 Started Sleeping In The Same Bed

Several child development experts said the family bed arrangement could make it difficult for a child to adapt socially and accept rules. Since then, however, I’ve had friends and acquaintances ask how we handle bed sharing with two kids. What our family bed looks like:. Bed-sharing is a darn good-time, and here’s how you know you’re definitely having all the fun that you can fit into one (or two) beds full of people:. And by cosleeping, I’m referring specifically to bed sharing. We felt no need or desire to have them share our bed. The prevalence of family bedrooms among families with school-age children has not been studied, let alone talked, but the trend is growing. This occurs naturally whether they sleep alone, or share a bedroom with siblings or with parents.


Before having children, sleeping in a family bed, or co-sleeping as it is sometimes called, is not something that we ever planned to do. Feeling so alone and shunned by our decision to share sleep from Joe’s family and from friends, I created ways in which we could feel supported and loved. If you have questions about this Principle or how to apply it to your family situation, please contact an API Leader near you or post your comments and questions to API’s forums.