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The major international industry association that supports FECs is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), which merged with and absorbed the membership of the International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry (IALEI) in October 2009. Family entertainment centers, or FECs, are miniature indoor or outdoor amusement parks that offer a wide variety of entertainment for all ages. Bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, museums, water. Here, three of the Industry Owls writers share their ideas on the most significant Family Entertainment Center trends for 2011 and beyond. The FEC industry is the third leading growth potential sector in the United States.

family entertainment center industry 2Tourist Attractions and Parks Magazine provides the most comprehensive family entertainment center reports. Extreme Engineering. Industry leader in zip lines, climbing walls, jumper systems and adventure products. This industry includes businesses that primarily operate video game arcades and game-focused family entertainment centers, which typically sell food and beverages. Industry operators rent or purchase debit card- or coin-operated arcade games that customers play for a fee. Family Entertainment Center Industry Consessions Industry Bowling Industry Minigolf Industry Arcade Industry The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reported the computer game and video industry was worth around 9.

Amusement Arcades and Entertainment Centers – free guide to industry information, research, and analysis including trends and statistics, financial ratios, salary surveys, and more. Annual report provides five years of historical trend data for arcades, street locations, family entertainment centers, and bulk vending operators, with topics covered including general business characteristics and financial and operating statistics by specific type of equipment. Palace Pointe, a family entertainment center located in Roxboro, NC, is CenterEdge’s sister company. Take your family entertainment center to the next level with these products & enhancements:. Tailored Solutions for Your Industry. White paper on the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) industry.

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Attractions, Theming and Design, Blacklight Mini Golf, Laser Tag Arenas, TimeFreak, Mini Golf Supplies, Murals, 3D, Props, Signs, Play Systems, SuperkKids,Balladium, Ball Blasters, Foam Carvings, Entertainment Centers- Blacklight Mini Golf, Laser Tag Arenas, Time Freak, Balladium Ball Blaster, Play Systems, Mini Bowling, Mini Golf and Supplies, 3D Props, Signs, Facades, Murals, Entertainment Center ART ATTACK FX: The Industry Leader for Attractions Theming & Design. OR — you can get the unbiased, complete and comprehensive family fun center industry report here. Learn how right now with this 33 page How to Start a Family Entertainment Center guidebook. The amusement business and attractions industry has been around since the late 1800’s with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind it. For new fun center business developers, looking to start an arcade business or their own family entertainment center, there are a great many resources and pools of information to dive into. How to start a family entertainment center or fun center business guidebook is loaded with fun center industry and family entertainment center information and resources. Amusement industry resources and amusement links to help new amusement developers, amusement attraction owners and operators start, better manage and profitably grow their family entertainment center, amusement attraction, fun center or indoor party center business. Family Entertainment Center Consultants. Leisure Business Advisors LLC (LBA) is a consulting firm that conducts the feasibility study, the first step in starting a new family entertainment center. Industry consultants typically prepare this study for the developer, and it is generally required by financing institutions or investors.

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Private suite karaoke is still a relatively new offering in the West, but its popularity is rapidly growing within the family entertainment center industry. More and more FEC operators are discovering that private karaoke rooms are attracting large, affluent groups to their venues, increasing the guests’ length of stay, and driving ROI across all attractions. Exploring Golden Opportunities in China Children’s Theme Park and Family Entertainment Centre Industries! However, due to the lack of experience in the industry, uneven brand development, homogeneous project development, the market is still in the early stages of development. Our Family Entertainment Center Safety Association (FECSA) Insurance Program has been providing comprehensive insurance products and solutions to the entertainment and leisure industry for over 25 years. This program provides comprehensive insurance coverage to many diff erent types of family entertainment and related attractions, including motorized, movement, games and sport centers. The Family Entertainment Center industry is primarily based on carefully paying attention to average per capita spending. It’s a very simple concept uniquely determined by market areas within a city or in some cases a region.

Coming attractions: The fusion of cinema and family entertainment centers.