Faux Glaze On Furniture (DIY Project Download)

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This tutorial is going to be on how to glaze your furniture using a glazing medium (I use Behr Glaze, but any glaze will work fine). You have 3 options to create the glazed faux finish look on your project. 1. Glaze is essential in creating rich, dimensional paint treatments such as in many faux and decorative paint techniques. Learn more on DIYNetwork.com. UPDATE: I have had a LOT of questions about glazing furniture, so I have added a GLAZING FAQ post to help with those questions! 1/4/2012 To make it easier to glaze, I have put all of my glazing videos below to demonstrate the glazing techniques! If you prefer glazing instructions in print, scroll down past the videos. I use Ralph Lauren Faux Technique glaze that has been tinted with black paint.

faux glaze on furniture 2I glaze furniture a LOT and believe me, you do not need a gallon. I have Ralph Lauren Faux glaze, but some report it impossible to find. Glazing isn’t anything new to the furniture re-finishing world, but I find it my go-to technique for most of my furniture. I just happened to have a can of Martha Stewart’s Faux Finishing Glaze from Home Depot in my stash. Shop our selection of Faux Finish Paint in the Paint Department at The Home Depot.

Home Depot sells Behr and they call it Faux Glaze. It come in a browny gold can. We get an tons of emails from readers who have questions about glazing furniture. And since we aim to please, we’ve whipped up a little tutorial for you DIYers. Clean the piece of furniture with a rag soaked in a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. Mix 2 cups latex faux finishing glaze with 1 ounce of acrylic paint in a large plastic bowl using a paint stirrer.

Glazing Furniture FAQs

how to glaze a painted table 3Transform an ordinary piece of furniture into a stunning antique with a little bit of paint and glaze. Learn how to apply this faux technique with these step-by-step instructions. We’ll be talking about distressing and glazing today, which are the steps that help give your furniture the desired shabby look. While I do love glitter, sparkles don’t typically say shabby, so I use the Faux Technique Aging Glazes from Ralph Lauren. This glaze will give the surface of your furniture a rich, weathered, aged look. I promised ya’ll a tutorial on how to glaze furniture. I used Behr’s Faux Glaze (it’s clear in the container just in case you’ve never seen glaze before) and picked up a couple sample containers of Glidden’s Chocolate brown. Up until last October, I wasn’t a big glazed furniture kind of gal. Glazed donut kind of galabso-freakin-lutely.glazed furniturenot so much. Glazing is a decorative faux painting technique that adds depth, richness, and definition to any surface. When done on painted furniture, it creates an aged and worn look, akin to that of an antique. How to apply a glaze finish to achieve the perfect wood tone. Glazing is also a great way to achieve special effects such as pickling and faux finishes.

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Guide to mixing painting glaze and colors for faux finishing techniques. Faux painting glaze, also called extender, is a translucent liquid that mixes with paint and coloring tints to create a see-through decorative finish for walls and furniture. Save money by creating furniture heirlooms using faux and decorative finishes. These techniques can be used separately or together along with glazing to obtain the degree of aging that you desire. Apply glaze to the prepared furniture surface. While the glaze is wet, drag a faux finish comb through it. Vary wide and narrow faux finishing combs for a dramatic effect.