Faux Wood Grain Garage Door Painting (DIY Project Download)

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This killer faux bois treatment was made using our wood grain rocker from Martha Stewart. In just one afternoon, you can transform plain steel garage doors into works of art with a faux wood grain. If the door is new, or has not been previously painted, paint the entire door with a primer designed for exterior use. Here is how to paint your metal garage door to look like a wooden door. How to paint wood grain on your garage door Here is how to paint your metal garage door to look like a wooden door. While the darker wood grain lines are made by mixing the Black Bean Soup color into the Pancake syrup color we then diluted the mixed dark brown with a clear acrylic exterior sealer to lighten it and provide better protection to the finish.

faux wood grain garage door painting 2This week I’m going to show you how to paint faux finish wood grain on a plain garage door and make it look like Real Wood. There was a lot of trial and error that went into this weeks project but ultimately I think the garage turned out really nice and actually looked like real wood!! Continue reading down below:). For most homes, the garage door occupies more than 30 percent of the frontal view so upgrading your garage door will definitely help improve curb appeal. The faux painting should give you an excellent result without using the wood grain tool. 8. Here is a cool video that shows how to make a faux wood-grain look on a lighter color garage door. This is a bit more advanced and will take a little longer but I think the project turned out great.

Faux painting your metal doors to simulate natural wood can give them charming character and a welcoming ambiance. Painting techniques that mimic. Painting techniques that mimic the attributes of real wood, such as knotholes and wood grain, help to create the visual illusion of an authentic wooden door. Position the door horizontally over sawhorses or a large work table in a garage, outdoors or other work area. Faux Wood Grained Grarage and Fornt Doors, Faux Painting of Doors, Wood Grained Finishes. Call Today. These are the types of issues Ark-La-Tex Garage Doors tries to help our clients avoid. Limited Edition Series, this door features a 2 Intellicore polyurethane steel base with Ultra-Grain, a durable, natural-looking, wood grain paint finish.

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faux wood grain garage door painting 3Insulated steel base garage door with ultra-grain paint finish replicates natural texture of wood at an affordable price. Our faux wood grain finishes can make your metal or fiberglass doors look like wood for a fraction of the cost! Why settle for the same old beige or white doors that everyone has? We can paint your garage doors with a wood grain finish that will give you instant curb appeal. How to Paint Easy Faux Wood Grain Acrylic glaze, latex paint, and simple tools let you put your own twist on a classic finish. Insulated steel base garage door with ultra-grain paint finish replicates natural texture of wood at an affordable price. Services in Upstate NY. This durable woodgrain paint finish is designed for steel garage doors and delivers a realistic look. The grain runs both vertically and horizontally, following the stiles and rails to give your door a natural appearance. Anyone ever seen a painted faux wood grain garage door upclose? I’m concerened with it looking odd up close, and the longevity of the paint. I like the wood garage door look, but don’t know if I necessarily want a wood garage door.

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Beth specializes in wood grain painting on metal garage doors, front doors, french doors, and furniture. Radfordgaragedoor makes durable garage doors with stylish look and design which give natural wood grain texture.