Federal Ballistics Tables (DIY Project Download)

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Vital Shok and Cape Shok. Federal has many rifle ammunition loads to choose from. Federal Premium has a new online Ballistics Calculator. This free program can determine the trajectory for any rifle or handgun load, and even save your ballistics solutions for future reference. Federal Premium Vital-Shok Charts. Medium/Large Game. back to Federal charts.

pistol ballistics tables 2Complete ammunition ballistics charts. Compare ammunition from all manufacturers on one easy chart, sorted by caliber. Lead Sponsor of Federal High Capacity Ban Was Unaware Magazines Could Be Reloaded. These are your elected officials. Ballistics Chart for Rifle Ammunition, Ammunition Ballistics Tables, Federal Ammunition Ballistics. The.338 Federal is a rifle cartridge based on the.308 Winchester case necked up to.33 caliber. Below is a ballistics table comparing the.338 Federal with other various calibers. Included in the table below is the older.358 Winchester, another cartridge based on the.

Their new app includes a ballistic calculator, recommendations for ammo to fit your needs, a tool to find your nearest Federal dealer, and access to the NSSF’s list of shooting ranges near you. The below 243 Win. rifle ballistics table will give rifle cartridge bullet weight measured in grains, bullet velocity measured in feet per second, bullet energy measured in foot pounds, bullet drop measured in inches with 100 yard sight-in value and rifle recoil energy measured in foot pounds based on a fully loaded and scoped 8. Federal, 85.206.391, 3,200, 1,933, 8.85, 0, – 2.5, – 9.8, – 22.7, – 42.4. Does anyone know what it is for the 165 grain federal fusion ammo. It provides a chart but not the actual velocities or drop inches for each range.

Ballistics 101

So the figures in any ballistics table should be taken as approximate. The velocity and energy figures in this table are taken from various sources including the Federal, Hornady, Norma, Remington, Sako, Weatherby and Winchester print and online ammunition guides, the Shooter’s Bible, the Remington Shoot! program, and online ballistics calculators. I used to use Federal Ballistic Tips in my 06. I don’t know what ballistics tables or reloading manuals you’re looking at but this is just not true. Online Catalog: Ballistics Charts Supported Links. Cape Shok. Federal has many rifle ammunition loads to choose from. Federal Ballistics Comparison for 8mm. Federal 8mm works great in my Mauser. Brass is great too for reloading. A bit pricier than Remington ammo but worth it. I’ve used the search function without success so I asking if anyone has a link to.308 Federal Match exterior ballistics table (range, bullet drop, etc.

Federal Ballistics App Now Available

Federal’s catalog lists velocity data for 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, making this calculation very easy. Table 1 below shows the trajectory results for the American Eagle bargain load, typical of most dime store 22 ammo that sells for about 2 a box.