Feng Shui Bed Facing Bathroom Wall (DIY Project Download)

As in all things feng shui, the reason behind placing a bed in a certain area is made from a logical point of view, instead of something magical or superstitious. Don’t hang a mirror on the opposite wall reflecting the bed. If you must place the bed across from the bathroom door, hang a mirror on the inside of the door facing the bathroom. Bedroom feng shui is very important to ensure not just a good night’s sleep but also that your finances remain protected. Before you place your bed underneath or in front of a window, try to find a better placement to ensure you have a restful sleep each night. If you cannot change your bed to another wall, place a small mirror opposite the door so that when you open your eyes you can see the doorway in the mirror. Sharing the same wall as the bathroom door- Do not sleep with your headboard at a wall connecting with the bathroom, especially if the sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower is just behind you.

feng shui bed facing bathroom wall 2Feng Shui Bed Placement: Your Confusion Is Almost Over! If i move the bed back to the other wall, facing the bathroom door, My armoire will block part of the closet, and I ll have to squeeze myself out of bed. Feng Shui Q & A: Bedrooms Up Against Bathroom Walls. A reader asked a very interesting questions about bathrooms and bedrooms: Hi, what can I do if I have no option but to place my single bed with the headboard against a bathroom wall. Alternately, you can put your bed caddy-corner, so the headboard is against no wall, and fill in the space behind your bed with a great big & awesome tree with non-pointy leaves and a light that faces up toward the ceiling. Make sure your bed is not up against a bathroom wall, or any serious drains, makre sure you have a clear view of the door, get a nice solid headboard, clear the clutter these are healthy ideas.

Use feng shui tips to remedy the bed-bathroom door alignment. Question: I have heard that it is really bad feng shui to have the bed facing the bathroom door. For example, you can choose to go with a big bowl containing river rocks or crystals, and place it on a small shelf above the toilet, or install a bigger bathroom shelf unit on the wall above the toilet and have it filled with spa-related items. Place Head of Bed Against the Wall Opposite from the Door. This is a little similar to having your bedroom right under a toilet. 2) the foot of the bed faces a bathroom door or bedroom entrance. 3) when we sleep, our head is facing our inauspicious KUA direction.

6 Feng Shui Bed Placement Rules (to Be Broken!)

Although the bed is on the opposite wall from the door, the bed itself is not in line with the door. This is dangerous especially if this is a bathroom. Question: I want to position my bed according to Feng Shui. At the moment it directly faces the door which is not good, but on the other two walls ar. Feng Shui I would recommend trying to position the bed on one of the opposite walls. How do I improve the feng shui when my bed is next to the toilet wall? (this would be the east wall and opposite of the bedroom door). Never position the head of the bed against a wall that contains bathroom, kitchen or laundry plumbing. If possible, arrange an en suite bedroom so that no part of the bed is directly opposite the bathroom door. These steps, if feasible, can avoid the feng shui problems of bed-bathroom juxtaposition. The bed should always have a solid wall behind it, not any window. If the bathroom door is facing to the bed directly, ensure that the bathroom door is closed all the time. Bed positioning is extremely important in feng shui. He is away from the door, usually in the far corner, but facing the entrance so that no one can surprise him from behind.

Feng Shui Tips For A Bed Facing The Bathroom Door

My favorite feng shui cures that I consistently use to make quick changes in the quality and flow of chi are mirrors, crystals, the color red, and chimes. If you have a wall directly in front of you when you walk into a room or home, or if you are seated at a built-in desk facing a wall (hello, cubicle-dwellers!) hang a mirror on the in-your-face wall. Or place a mirror behind a stove facing the wall if a toilet is on the other side, etc. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate under your bed facing downwards. The headboard of the bed or any part of the bed must not share the same wall with the bathroom. Placing your bed under a beam is a Feng Shui bedroom disaster! Equally, sleeping directly opposite the toilet door (if you have an ensuite) is again not good bedroom Feng Shui. Mirrors that face the bed (be they wardrobe mirrors or wall mirrors) do not create good bedroom Feng Shui! Mirrors tend to reflect your energy or chi when you sleep. Invest in a heavy large headboard to counter the bathroom wall.

Keep in mind, Feng Shui is the concepts that enable us to create harmony and balance in our living environment along with Mother Nature. Do not place a bed right in front of an air conditioner to prevent catching a cold. The head of the bed must not be against a bathroom wall. Feng Shui Mirror Placement (Here’s How To Place Mirrors In Your Home). As a remedy, cover the mirror while lying on bed. Avoid mirror in bathroom; however, if you can’t, then never keep it in dark. A mirror on West wall in kid’s bedroom keeps them busy in influencing opposite gender people; hence avoid this too.