Feng Shui My Bedroom (DIY Project Download)

If you want to know how to Feng Shui your bedroom, just see Step 1 to get started. If I have two doors in my bedroom, can I put my bed in front of one of the doors? I have furniture planned out, unfortunately my bed is the only issue I have. Due to how my bedroom was made, my bed doesn’t seem to fit feng shui rule. Top 10 ways to improve the energy in your bedroom. An important rule in Feng Shui is that if you can see yourself or any part of your body through a mirror while lying in bed, the mirror needs to be covered up during intimacy and sleeping. I lived in a cabin with a skylight right over my bed for a year.

feng shui my bedroom 2Want to create a good feng shui bedroom the easy way? These 3 feng shui steps will help you do just that!. Next Story Can I Have Good Feng Shui in My Bathroom? Learn how to map your bedroom with Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese method that helps us balance our homes and create happier, more successful lives, with Susan. My bedroom definitely needs some rearranging. Unveiling Feng Shui Taboos for Bedroom, Do not Miss!

Whether you’ve got a master bedroom, dorm room, or the tiniest studio around, check out these practical feng shui tips to help make your living space more happy and harmonious at any time of day. Practical Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Living in Harmony With Your Surroundings. Feeling drained? Your home furnishings and layout can greatly affect your sleep and energy, says Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life. The bedroom should be for sleep and sex only (and not for work or stressful situations), but that doesn’t mean you can’t add personal touches to make it more comfortable. 3 Feng Shui Rules That Will Boost Your Bedroom, Even If You’re A Non-Believer.

3 Steps To A Good Feng Shui Bedroom

feng shui my bedroom 3Want to have even sweeter dreams? Set the scene for love in your bedroom by practicing the ancient art and science of Feng Shui that uses your environment to activate your personal intentions. I wouldn’t have my headboard share the same wall as the door, so perhaps consider switching the bed’s position with your wardrobe. Feng Shui Bedroom – Bed Placement, Maybe I need to change my room around. Find out why a master bedroom over the garage is bad feng shui and explore simple. An accurate account of what you should and shouldn’t do in the bedroom. You probably know by now my views on books written on Feng Shui, some good but most are bad or inaccurate. It’s a no-no in feng shui world. Except I have a TV in my bedroom and I love it. I love snuggling in bed with my husband and watching a show at night.

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