Final Stand Dog Tags (DIY Project Download)

Add tag. add a custom tag. Add. Post Options. report post. embed post. download album. download image. Spent the last couple days getting the phantom assignments over with, so now I just need the tags. Just find the pictures of the map locations, search reddit for BF4 Final Stand Tags. Solved: 1) I am trying to unlock the bow in Battlefield 4 but i can’t find the Dog Tags in Final Stand ‘s maps! Do they spawn more.

final stand dog tags 2Once you and your three friends unlock everything you need, make sure you’re wearing difference Final Stand Dog tags and pick difference classes from each other. BATTLEFIELD 4 – FINAL STAND – PREMIUM DOG TAGS – 26 LOCATIONS – WHITEOUT – SPEEDRUN. This one might be the most tedious step in the process, requiring players to scour the four maps that were released with the Final Stand DLC for hidden dog tags.

Possveis localizaes das Dog Tags – Final Stand que esto nos mapas Operao Branco Total, Cabea de Martelo, Gigantes de Karelia e Hangar 21. Locations of the 4 Final Stand Dog Tags you need to open the Phantom Elevator. Make sure to wear the right-side phantom skull dog tag along with the soldier and weapon phantom camo. Basically, these servers are for people that want to get a dog-tag (or similar) the quick and easy way. Yes, it seems that many are for the final stand dogtags.

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Find at least one secret Final Stand dog tag. Have at least three other players, each with a different secret Final Stand dog tag. There are a total of four different dog tags in Final Stand, each appearing in small white boxes that are slashed open with your knife. Pretty solid maps with the some of the locations. Save the file to your desktop to view a much larger version. brutesig3_zps4596e3bd.gif. Posted Apr 17, 15 OP. 1st – use the Search function on the forum to look for Dog Tag Locations & also look on youtube. 2nd – be prepared to be running around for ages not finding anything. I’ve got all of the previous Phantom assignments done, and I’ve played FS quite a bit but have yet to stumble upon any tags. Any pointers?

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