Finish Carpenter Tool Vest (DIY Project Download)

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I dislike wearing tool belts because they’re bulky and the tools hang out and scratch finish surfaces, so for most of my career I worked in cargo pants with the pockets stuffed full of tools and supplies. The average load of the professional carpenter is 20 to 25 lbs. and the alternative to the lower back and hip pain from carrying this weight is a Belt-Free system. New Electrician Carpenter Framer Plumber Craft Construction Tool Vest Bag click the image to enlarge. High Visibility Tool Vest with reflective strips The JORESTECH utility vest is perfect for any pro.

finish carpenter tool vest 2When it comes to hand tools and all sorts of consumables used on a construction site or carpentry job, a tool vest can be a very convenient way to carry around and have instant access to what you need, when you need it. So do you guys prefer the old fashioned tool belts, the leather kind that old school contractors use that holds everything they need basically, or. I used to be a bags-on PM with a high end residential contractor and I’d spend around 50 of my time on site physically working on whatever needed to be done, prep for subs, finish carpentry, etc. I Think Finish carpenters should avoid them because of all the damage they cause to the finished woodwork, doors and cabinets etc. For finish work the skillers vest is the way to go most of the time.

A friend of mine who is a extremely high end trim carpenter swears by aprons. What do you guys think? I’ve been thinking about getting one of fast caps ballistic aprons. I bought a Blaklader tool vest a little over a year ago. Our tool vest are loaded with more pockets than a herd of kangaroos so your tool and gear are always close at hand Blaklader Roghneck Vest. (I do mostly finish carpentry but do some framing.). Thats enough to tell me i wouldnt want my tools in a vest, ill keep my tools and fishing equipment around my waist where im more mobile, have better agility, and not supporting that weight on my back and shoulders.

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With real made in the USA quality the Occidental tool vest carries your tools without strain, even integrates with your tool belt. Get it at Duluth Trading! I have to of them and keep them set up for different jobs. I also use a makita tool vest. Name: OCC-2020-2T.jpg Views: 15894 Size: 28.0 KB. Component shopping Select a mounting location Run the cabling Finish the job at the battery. Shop Finish & Trim Carpentry Trade Safety Vests at Order Online. That is why I created the ultimate tool vest. Enjoy. SHARE. Facebook Twitter. Previous articleBotched Spiral Staircase, Bad Carpenters, Rant. I love my blaklader tool vest. I’m primarily a finish carpenter and installer.

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Some workers like to use tool belts or bags; others prefer a tool vest. If you prefer the latter, this Blaklader 3120 1310 2700 Men’s Cotton Canvas Stone Tan Bantam Kangaroo Tool Vest is the right choice for you. Perfect tool vest for trim carpenters. By: eldientepeak. Free Giveaway – Blaklader Kangaroo tool vest. The vest is well suited for a finish carpenter or someone who works in a shop environment. Lots of pockets spread the weight out nicely over the shoulders.