Firefox Table Border Bug (DIY Project Download)

The same table rendered correctly in Firefox 2. As I researched this problem I ran across a posting on another site that mentioned there is an option to Zoom Text Only. CSS property where it will render the left border 1 pixel to the left of the table as seen in the image to your right. Binary package hint: mozilla-firefox Steps to reproduce: 1. Observed Behavior: The borders of the table change thickness, sometimes disappearing because they get so thin.

firefox table border bug 2Bootstrap currently works around several outstanding browser bugs in major browsers to deliver the best cross-browser experience possible. Firefox.table-bordered with an empty tbody is missing borders. Border rendering bugs with border-collapse and hidden cell. Firefox hides border in the table entirely if all the cells in the row are hidden but the row element is visible. Try that it works for me, if it doesn’t maybe change your browser to firefox or chrome. It’s a really weird problem, but basically you need to use a different web browser, i was using internet explorer, but when i changed to chrome, it worked, it doesn’t matter which one you change to though.

The bug occurs in Firefox on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows 8.1. There seems to be a problem with Firefox and scrollX. The problem only appears if you put borders on the table or borders on the table cell. Firefox.table-bordered with an empty tbody is missing borders. Firefox. max-width: 100; doesn’t work inside tables. Mozilla bug 975632 10690. Firefox.

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When you set your table to border-collapse: collapse; you will find that Firefox and Safari will incorrectly display the width of table features. I’m trying to style a table and have some trouble with how this displays in IE and FF. Ok, this seems to be a Firefox-Bug with border-collapse. Anyone have an idea how I can CSS-style the border-width of a table to (an exact) 1px without using border-collapse?. Try using Firefox with the Firebug add-on for this kind of work. Note that we add the border to all TH, TD and CAPTION. And it does work in IE6, IE7, Opera. But not Firefox! Firefox’s caption is 1px short on the left side, as shown in the following image:. This article will cover bugs, inconsistencies, and nonsupport. In Firefox, when a table has its borders set to collapse using the border-collapse property, the table’s top and left margins in relation to nearby elements is 1 pixel off.

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