Firefox Table Border Problem (DIY Project Download)

The basic problem is that the table painting code is unowned. In Firefox 3 (3.0.4 on a Mac and 3.0.2 on Linux), for a table with 1px border similar to your example, I observed that when zooming out various segments of the borders both between cells and table border itself would disappear. As I researched this problem I ran across a posting on another site that mentioned there is an option to Zoom Text Only. The border-collapse CSS property determines whether a table’s borders are separated or collapsed. In the separated model, adjacent cells each have their own distinct borders.

firefox table border problem 2I’ve been designing a Tic-Tac-Toe game using a 3 x 3 table. Different cells will have different borders: border-right will exist for left two columns. Firefox seems to have some issues with the border-collapse CSS property where it will render the left border 1 pixel to the left of the table as seen in the image to your right. Hi. I have a table with border-collapse:collapse; Works fine in IE but not in Firefox which has problems to set the bottom border correct for the table cells.

As soon as I collapse my table borders, I seem to lose the blue border from the div in Firefox. Though this looks fine in IE and Opera. Anyone know why Firefox does this?!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1. Hi, on my website in Firefox you see the table border dark at the left and top of the table border. Reduce the problem to the bare minimum and post some code here, someone will be able to help you. There is an issue with border-collapse: collapse that has a rowspan on Firefox.

Border Problems. Not Working In Firefox

firefox table border problem 3Its working fine in IE but border is not visible in firefox. This table looks fine (the white border goes all the way around the table) in Safari 4, IE8 and Dreamweaver, but for some reason the bottom border. Firefox step 4 – after a browser refresh the cell border problem RE-APPEARS. Having said that I also notice that IE6 will render table borders using slightly 3D style drop shadow borders and not the simple 1 pixel wide collapsed borders that I see in Firefox. I am experiencing a table cell alignment problem in Mozilla that I am not seeing in MSIE. This can affect layout and cause problems with tabbing. Firefox hides border in the table entirely if all the cells in the row are hidden but the row element is visible. Dear folks: I posted earlier today about a problem where the left and top border of a table initially rendered when the page was rendered, and then disappeared after the page was completely loaded into the browser.

Border Collapse Problem In Firefox