Firewood Processors Logs (DIY Project Download)

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PTO 1 Full Size Firewood Processor with production comparable to the 30 SCP – PTO 2 Full Size Firewood Processor with production comparable to our 40SCP. Brute Force Builds Heavy Duty Firewood Processors, Conveyors and Outdoor Wood Boilers. Find great deals on eBay for Firewood Processor in Forestry Equipment and Supplies. A typical 12 hardwood log is cut in under 2 seconds and split in 3.5 seconds flat!

firewood processors logs 2DYNA Products Firewood Processors are rugged and built to last. We offer 4 models in various configurations that can handle everything from the largest commercial operations on down. The Firewood Processors made by Bells Machining are the most rugged built, easy to use and most productive firewood processors on the market today. If you are wondering what is the best option a log splitter or a firewood processor you should first understand the difference between the two. A log splitter.

Firewood Processor- Woodbine and Rapido Loco from CRD Metalworks. 20 cuts logs up to 20-in. diameter and comes mounted on a tandem-axle trailer. Quality New and Used Firewood Processors For Sale at Lumbermenonline. (now 4 strands) to take 16′ logs to speed up production. this new section is bolted on so that transport is still allowable with a quick re-attachment for re-installation.

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The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an attachment that turns your skid steer loader, compact track or wheel loader, or excavator into a full function, high production, firewood processor. When installed on a suitably equipped carrier, the HFP160 can pick up a log off the ground or deck, cut the log into lengths up to 20 (optional 28 ), and split those lengths into 4, 6, or 8 pieces of firewood. Palax KS35 Ergo is a robust firewood processor with a 15 hydraulic chainsaw. Burning GREEN or WET logs is POINTLESS, not only is it harder to light but energy is consumed turning the water into steam, so you get less heat and you will clog up the stove and chimney etc. For example if the Firewood Processor takes a maximum diameter of 30cm Timber you can use something like an 30 Ton Horizontal Log Splitter with 2 meter Log length to make four 2 meter long Billets that can then be put through the 30cm Firewood Processor. Fuelwood supply a complete range of Firewood Processors. The Transaw 350XLS is a semi-automatic Firewood Processor that offers a perfect solution to the Firewood needs of Customers. Log Lifter JA495. The skid steer mounted HWP-140 is that latest in the family of durable and efficient firewood processors made by Halverson Wood Products of Pine River,. NEW OPTIONS!!! Hydraulic Log Deck attachment AND a 4-way splitting blade.

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The Wallenstein Firewood Processor improves firewood productivity, ergonomics and minimizes handling. All you have to do is cut.