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I had read a thread a few days ago about ladies with fisher price cradle swings and how the motor would crap out after a few weeks of use. (That’s half the cost of a new swing, and who is to say the new motor isn’t going to stop working after a few weeks again, right?) I figured DD would use the swing without the mobile or music. Kinda crummy, but better then no swing and better then shelling out what was essentially 190 for a swing. This is the ORIGINAL Fisher Price Cradle Motor Solderless Repair Kit, not that guy in Phoenix who has decided to copy me every step of the way and undercut me by a penny. We bought a brand new Snug a Bunny swing just a few months ago and now it won’t swing without my sitting next to it pushing for a few minutes and even then it sometimes just stops swinging. I have had major issues with Fisher Price concerning this swing!

fisher price swing not working 2How To Fix Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Motor Natures Touch My Little Lam. I am SO impressed! Wish I had the tools to do this for my broken swing.. How To Fix Fisher Price Cradle n Swing Motor Natures Touch My Little Lam. We’re sorry to hear your Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing is not working properly. Sam I believe the 7 minute limit hack is only for the mobile + sound and light show built into the swing, not the actual swing’s motor. At least that’s how the Fisher Price swing we have works.

Fisher price better hope it’s not broken. However the rock ‘n play sleeper I received was not manufactured correctly, and the motor in the cradle ‘n swing was not working. I’m trying to figure out if I should invest in yet another package of four D batteries or finally toss this swing. The mobile and sounds work, but the swing does not. Problem: Your little one habitually falls asleep seconds before you pull into the driveway.

How To Fix Fisher Price Cradle N Swing Motor Natures Touch My Little Lam. Seriously This Is Awesome And Is Going To Save Us Money On Getting

Does anyone have the regular sized Rainforest swing and have a problem with it not swinging? We have ours plugged into the outlet so it’s not dead batteries and it makes the sound as if i. When you call Fisher Price on Monday they will ask you to push a reset button, to be sure it’s plugged in correctly, if it has fresh batteries (yeah, I know, we all use the cord), etc. Mobile and swing are not working. Used it to put baby in. Manually pushed swing. Like all Fisher-Price baby swings with SmartSwing Technology, this deluxe cradle swing offers six different speeds from low to high whether baby is rocking side-to-side, or swinging head-to-toe. Hi Not sure if this is the right section to post??? Have a fisher price flutterby dreams swing and the sound has suddenly stopped working – lights a. Fisher-Price product reviews and customer ratings for Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing. some quick and easy troubleshooting to help get your swing working. Fisher-Price – Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing, Nite Nite Monkey 4. Last month it started with electronic swing not working then we started to use it for 2 hours a day to help my son during his nap time.

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My little lamb cradle n swing fisher price for sale. Working condition was a hand me down that is no longer required. It was awesome for my little one. Periodically check the swing for loose fasteners or broken parts and tighten as needed. Hi ive had the fisher price rainforest swing for probly a month and a half or so, and it started acting funny about a month ago, i was just wondering if any one else had troubles with theirs. The clicking can be how your babe’s weight it distributed or if the swing is not setting level.