Fix Garage Door Spring (DIY Project Download)

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This tutorial gives detailed instructions on how to replace your torsion spring if your garage door only uses one spring. Caution! This is dangerous work, so read the warnings carefully. Garage door springs do break, and they can be replaced. There are suppliers out there who sell replacement springs to DIYers, and there are DIYers who have safely and successfully replaced their own springs. Garage spring replacement can solve nearly any problem with a garage door.

fix garage door spring 2We can supply fitting instructions on how to replace, fit and repair garage door cables, garage door springs, garage door locks,. The UK’s Favourite for Garage Door Springs and Spares! garage door springs, henderson, garador, cardale, westland, wessex, compton. Companies can be called out to fix your door, but will charge extortionate amounts. One of the springs on my garage door has snapped. I’d like to replace it, but it seems like I’m going to have to get the door up before I can do so.

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