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Most professionals who repair music boxes will tell you that repairing a music box is a difficult task. Repair an over-wound music box by applying a lubricant, and carefully freeing the governor. It may come free immediately, or the box may restart on its own over time. Restart the music box. After the music box works again, wind and play it several times. Never use an oil, as that may clog up the mechanism over time. Alum-a-Lub may be found at your local hardware store, but if not call their phone 1-800-369-0342 (leave your telephone number, they will call back) and ask for a local distributor/user or send them a check and they will UPS the article to you. Where you can reach the mechanism, try moving around the governor by hand or a soft object (cotton swab) many times (after having applied one spritz of Alum-a-Lub first), and after (quite) some time the mechanism may restart by itself; be careful not to exert pressure which may disalign the governor. After it works again wind and play at least a number of times. I do tinker with them a little bit myself, but I am not a repair man or company,.

fix wind up music box 2Musical Box Spring Won’t Wind Up By Don Caine Dear Ms. Most sincerely, Don Caine – Proprietor, The Music Box Repair Center Unlimited Lomita, California tel. Antique Music Box Repair-Parts. 600.00. Buy It Now. Here it is: Never pay anyone to repair your music box. I’ve had sellers tell me they know where to get one, but I’ve never had one fess up and tell me the exact longitude and latitude of this magical Combland.

Question – how do i repair a music box that is wound to tight – 1V. 18 NOTE WINDUP MUSIC BOX MOVEMENTS PLAY FOR UP TO THREE FULL MINUTES Please do not accept unless you are positive you are 100 satisfied with the information provided. When you wind the knob, a cog sticking out the side of it turns the star gear, until the big side comes up and stops the knob from going any further. Remembering Time is a professional repair shop specializing in antique and modern mechanical clocks, phonographs, music boxes and mainsprings serving the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas. Have a family time piece, phonograph, or music box that is not in working condition?. We also perform repairs of both disc and cylinder wind-up phonographs and of music box mechanisms.

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How to repair wind-up music boxes. Music boxes can be difficult to repair. Sometimes the combs, cylinders and other parts made to play a specific tune, especially for older music boxes, can be difficult or impossible to replace. The way a music box works is that you crank or wind the ratchet lever, directly causing the cylinder to move if cranked or indirectly causes it to move by means of a little spring motor if wound. I bought it anyway, figuring it looked like a treasure enough that it would be worth trying to open up and fix. Repair services for vintage car radio, phonographs, radios, music boxes, telephones etc. Botto – Wind-up Phonographs and Gramophones, Telephones, Case touch-up and refinishing. How To Fix an over wound Music Box in 5 seconds Part 1 by Music Box Maker. Copper Metal Music Box Saloon Piano Man Plays The Entertainer Wind Up VIDEO. Nice sounding music movement. Great for dolls or stuffed animals. I have already got the things for the music box except from land of fire. He needs to find you 5 parts to repair the broken musicbox. You can find the parts at the following locations: Note: The items are stored in golden chests! 1.

How Do I Repair A Music Box That Is Wound To Tight

The value of a cylinder music box depends on the length and diameter of the cylinder, the date of its manufacture, the number of tunes it plays, and its manufacturer. Never wind the spring while it is playing. Here is a short video about how to repair an over wound music box. This music box had an on/off plunger that got stuck. How a Wind Up Music Box Works.