Floating Beer Pong Table Australia (DIY Project Download)

The Beer Pong H2O inflatable floating beer pong table enables you to play on a professional, portable table in the pool, lake, river or anywhere!. Beer Pong is the party game hailing from the USA and now massive down under in Australia! Get your all new Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table ready to take to a party near you! The Beer Pong H2O is now available in your choice of 2 colours – Blue or Yellow and comes with 22 fully recessed cup holders. The drinking game craze that’s swept the U.S.A is getting bigger and bigger down under in Australia! Pro series iii 8 ft beer pong table – australian family owned business – can deliver anywhere in australia! Competition size 8ft. Pong H2O Inflatable Beer Pong Table – Blue Floating Pool Party Drinking Game.

floating beer pong table nz 2Beer Pong Australia Beer Pong Tables Beer Pong Cups and More! Beer Pong Tables View collection. Star Wars Table plus 2trays, 6balls, carry bag. Find beer pong table ads. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Welcome to the home of Beer Pong – ASOBP is the leader in tournament bpong play, we also sell a range of official ASOBP tables, red cups and bpong balls!

No matter what kind of fun you’re trying to have, you need the Party Barge floating beer pong table. Get yours today and get the party started right! The Pool Pong Party Barge is the first and only floating beer pong table to include a built-in cooler so ice-cold drinks are always within reach. From Cheltenham,VIC,Australia. Pong H2O Inflatable Beer Pong Table – Blue Floating Pool Party Drinking Game.

Beer Pong Australia

The GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table with Cooler can be used for an enjoyable game or to just relax and float in the pool. This Beer Pong Table with Cooler includes 6 pong balls and a retailer. Fishpond Australia, GoPong Pool Lounge, Floating Pong Table with Social Floating. One Professional Beer Pong Table 8 foot long foldable Australian supplier Folding Beer Pong Table – 8ft / 2. Nice to see some international tables being sent our way. Floating Pool Beer Pong Table Details: Dreaming of white ping-pong balls, cold beer, red dixie cups, and sweet victory? High quality foam floating beer pong tables that won’t pop or deflate like inflatable tables!

Inflatable Party Barge Floating Beer Pong Table With Cooler

White Floating Beer Pong Table Cooler Pool Party Float Raft Social Game in Sporting Goods, Table Tennis, Tables & Table Accessories eBay. United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia. Find information on inflatable beer pong table, spencers, floating beer pong table and more. This is an inflatable pool party pong table full 5 ft long so you can play in the water or on any flat surface. Made of extra thick durable vinyl. We offer the best quality beer pong tables starting at 69.99–the lowest prices online. Custom beer pong table styles, portable tables and more in our catalog.