Flowers To Put In Window Boxes (DIY Project Download)

Their ruffled flowers create a lot more interest than their more traditional cousins. Take the idea of a window box and put it on your deck rails for a brilliant burst of color. Design a window box Gardening Guides from BBC Gardening. Follow our guide to selecting the right mix of flowering perennials, annuals and foliage plants for a colourful, year-round display. See more about Fall Window Boxes, Window Boxes and Flower Boxes.

flowers to put in window boxes 2So, you might wonder, why am I just now putting a window box on my own house? I’ll be honest, I never even thought of it before. These two window box plantings cover just about everything you’ve read above and another thing I haven’t even addressed, which is changing out your plantings seasonally. Window box flowers are a great way to add colour to your walls and fences, not to mention providing a beautiful view out of the window too. Super scarlet salvia flowers sit proudly above rich green foliage from June until October making this the perfect bedding plant for a blaze of summer colour. Window box; Potting mix for containers; Water source and watering can; Plants with attractive flowers and foliage; Flowering plant fertilizer, water-soluble.

A window box spilling over with colorful annuals provides a bright splash of color and texture in the outdoor environment. A trailing plant at 2 to 3 feet, fuchsia is a spring and summer bloomer with delicate, drooping blooms available in a variety of solid colors and combinations. Add color to the landscape by filling your window boxes with flowering annuals. Start Start box-garden window-plant 0706window-plants window-plants. Previous.

The Impatient Gardener: How To Plant A Rockin’ Window Box

Unlike a container planter on the porch or a hanging basket, a window box is an extension of your home, an accessory that marries living plant material to your architecture. When planting window boxes, choosing plants that match your sun exposure is the key to success. Often overlooked for window boxes are foolproof flowering bulbs. My question is when should I start to put the liquid food in my hummingbird feeder? Planting window boxes can be a miserable failure. See how to succeed, what to plant, and how to care for your plants for complete success. Beautiful gardens in miniaturethat’s the essential appeal of window boxes. Have a great display in your windowboxes and containers with Constance Craig Smith’s choice of the ten best plants for winter colour. The dwarf cyclamen, C. coum, flowers from early winter until the start of spring in shades of pink, carmine and white. Last year I planted up my window boxes at home with bees and other pollinators in mind. They were such a buzzing success I’ve decided to share with you all how to make the perfect for pollinators window box for spring and early summer.

The Best Flower Annuals For A Window Box

Sprucing up a facade is just the start of the window box’s talents. Its potted plantings also bring garden scenes up close and invite flowery perfumes indoors. The shady window box includes four kinds of mint (pineapple, spearmint, peppermint, Corsican mint ground cover), chervil, alpine strawberries, sorrel, salad burnet, and violas and violets for garnish. As I become interested in different cuisines and periodically renew the plantings, I redesign my boxes to suit my current culinary interests. Beautiful! I wish I had a balcony to put some beautiful flowers on. Window box plant lists and ideas for window boxes with different themes.