Fluffy Bedding For Hamsters (DIY Project Download)

Ban Fluffy Bedding is the campaign to remove the cotton style nesting material from pet shops worldwide. There is a Facebook page, group and a petition. He’s only eating his hamster food as opposed to any treats, and his mineral block, and he is drinking LOADS. I am also sorry to say that it is probably the fluffy bedding which has caused the problem!! You really need to remove it straight away – it is very dangerous! If accidentally ingested, the fluffy bedding cannot be digested and will cause blockages which will make your hamster very ill and will usually end in death! Another bad thing is that it can get trapped around limbs and is very dangerous. WARNING ( NO NOT EVER USE!!!) I went to the cage this morning and could here what i thought was a newborn hamster cry..i thought OMG i’ve sexed them.

fluffy bedding for hamsters 2I have this bedding that I used to use for rabbits that is fluffy but surely. I heard about ingesting or feel get caught and random stories like that. Fluffy Bedding is a cotton wool like material sold as a nesting material for small animals. It comes in many colours and under several different names, such as, Hamster Fluff, Sweet Dreams Color and Night E Night Bed Fluff. Pet hamsters literally stay in their bedding all the time so it’s important to get something that’s safe for it.

Hi again reddit. I’ve had my first dwarf hamster, Pigeon, for a couple days now, and as far as I can tell she’s settled really well into her new. There are a lot of hamster products out there and a lot of ways to give them to your hamster. Any fluffy bedding, such as cotton, can KILL your hamster. It may say its safe for hamsters but it is not! There have been many reported injuries from hamsters that nest in fluffy bedding and also deaths from them eating it, it is simply not worth the risk or the price when economy white toilet paper shredded up makes a fine nesting material for any hamster.

Is Fluffy Bedding Bad For Hamsters?

Just bought kaytee bedding and I was not sure which to use. Litter is what you put on the base of the cage: bedding is what the hamster uses for his nest/bed (some science papers confuse the two). Never buy bedding made of nylon, cotton wool, or fluffy bedding (RSPCA 2013). This post focuses on the nesting habits of Hamsters and the horrendous effects ‘fluffy’ bedding (ie nesting material) can have on Hamsters.

Tube Full Of Fluffy Bedding