Folding Sofa Bunk Bed (DIY Project Download)

Convertible couch beds are great if you are having a couple over to stay and have the space to fold out into, but these double-decker solutions is a great alternative for smaller apartments or mult. Doc a sofa with lose covers that converts into a bunk bed with integrated ladder and safty bar. The Palazzo bunk beds are available with low or high armrests and come equipped with wood-slatted bed springs and removable mattresses.

folding sofa bunk bed 2An innovative piece of furniture which transforms from a sofa into a bunk bed in just 12 seconds has gone on the market for almost 3,000. What if it folded up into the wall, but also doubled as a desk? From folding chairs to futons and murphy beds to a sofa that convert to bunk beds, the options for convertible furniture are seemingly endless.

Sleeper sofas are nothing new, but the Doc sofa bunk bed is a game changer. The front flips up to become an upper bed, and a ladder folds out so you can climb up. Move over hide-a-bed, pull-out couch-beds: get stuffed. The Doc is a simply named convertible sofa that expands into not one but two beds in one: a pair of bunk. The end result looks just as good as a couch in terms of being a potential default configuration not something one normally sees with convertible furniture in general, let alone fold-out beds in particular. When you need to combine a living room and bedroom, this Bunk Bed Couch is a great idea. We stumbled over this impressive Italian design.

Sofa That Transforms Into A Bunk Bed

folding sofa bunk bed 3A sofa that folds down into a full size bed – perfect for guests or would be nice to watch movies in the basement!. The Lollipop IN is a twin size murphy bunk bed system with additional upper storage and is available with an optional fold down desk. We are instrumental in providing to our valuable customers excellent quality Multi-function Folding Sofa Bunk Bed which is available with following specification:- Item No. Italian made transforming triple twin bunk bed couch for sale online great for any multiple purpose living room and guest room combination (778) 580-7818. At Expand Furniture we provide incredible furniture from smarter wall beds that fold over sofas and desks, to convertible coffee to dining tables. Although you usually think of bunk beds for children, the Coupe is strong enough that it safely sleeps adults. The sofa costs about 1750 US, but that doesn’t include shipping costs. Assuming you can’t fold the bed down without folding in the ladder, and the ladder can’t fold outward, it should be fairly secure. Greece-based furniture manufacturer has launched a time and space saving Coupe Sofa that can be easily converted into a bunk bed in just 14 seconds. SofaBUNK. In just a few seconds, transform a comfortable sofa into a double bunk bed with an integrated ladder and railing. Occupying the space for a standard sofa (86-1/4 W x 38 D x 28-1/2 H), the SofaBUNK quickly transforms into a Hi-Lo bunk bed with each bed measuring 31 D x 74 W.

Sofa Folds Out Into A Bunk Bed

A space-saving bookshelf doubles as a bed and a table. INSIDER. But even the best sofa bed has to bow down to this: the Doc Space Saving System, which converts from a regular couch to a two-level bunk bed. Even less so, when you see it fold out, which it does with unusual ease, and turn into a comfy occasional bed. Furniture designer Bonbon has achieved what many would deem impossible, if not a little insane; a sofa bunk bed.