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Don’t hang a mirror on the opposite wall reflecting the bed. If you must place the bed across from the bathroom door, hang a mirror on the inside of the door facing the bathroom. You can place the screen at the foot of the bed to block the door and redirect the chi energy into the room. Posts about Bed faces bathroom door written by happyhomemaker88. 2) the foot of the bed faces a bathroom door or bedroom entrance. 3) when we sleep, our head is facing our inauspicious KUA direction. How — or if — the bed faces the door, where in the room the bed is as the door opens, the distance from the bed to the door, the complication of numerous doors in the bedroom — all these demand feng shui analysis and attention. The classic consideration for bed placement is to avoid having your feet pointing at the door when you’re lying down. An en suite bathroom door should be kept closed, and it’s best to regard it the same way you do the main door when placing your bed.

foot of bed facing bathroom door 2Rule 2: One should not sleep with one’s feet pointing at a mirror. (four inches in diameter or less) above the bathroom door facing into the bathroom. Sharing the same wall as the bathroom door- Do not sleep with your headboard at a wall connecting with the bathroom, especially if the sink, toilet, bathtub, or shower is just behind you. 3: En-suite bathroom, a real taboo in most books, we have been to homes that have the most magnificent en-suite bathrooms and the occupants do not even use it because of what they have read or been told, remember two thousand years ago homes did not have bathrooms or toilets inside the home, so why now is it bad Feng Shui? The only thing you have to remember is all bathrooms should have the door closed at all times and it is kept clean, other than that do not worry if your head is facing the bathroom wall, your luck will not be affected at all. It is only a problem if the mirror faces your bed and you can see your face and upper body in the reflection. 6: Do not sleep with your feet facing towards a door, this is known as the coffin position’ and speaks for itself.

The problem is an ensuite bathroom where the toilet faces the foot of the bed – directly towards the husband’s side. If the door is closed when sleeping, then it should be no problem, with regards Bhavesh. At the moment it directly faces the door which is not good, but on the other two walls ar. Main door faces bathroom door: attracts bad romance, negative relationship with people, diseases in relation to urological and gynaecological matters.

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Cure: When your bed is directly across from the door you feel vulnerable because you are easily seen by anyone entering the room. If you can’t move your bed, add a substantial footboard or place a trunk or bench at the foot of the bed for protection. Keep the bathroom door closed when you sleep, or position plants to create a foyer in front of the bathroom and screen it off from view. So, check out my top six feng shui bedroom tips below for ideal bed placement:. Equally, sleeping directly opposite the toilet door (if you have an ensuite) is again not good bedroom Feng Shui. If you absolutely cannot avoid sleeping directly opposite your doorway put up a partition, for example, a folding screen at the foot of the bed so that it reduces the amount of vital energy lost. One should therefore have the bathroom door closed at all times and the bathroom must be kept dry, clean and hygienic at all times. Remedy with 5 Element Tai Chi Brass Plate under your bed facing downwards. The foot of the bed facing the door. What if I told you that the position of your bed and where you sleep each night has a great effect on your life, your health and your disposition? Would yo. He is away from the door, usually in the far corner, but facing the entrance so that no one can surprise him from behind. If you have no choice but to position yourself in the path of the door, with feet pointing at the door, place a small table at the foot of your bed with a plant or large crystal that will buffer some of the energy. Feng Shui Help Bed Position and Window. lovetoknow. Place Head of Bed Against the Wall Opposite from the Door. This is a little similar to having your bedroom right under a toilet. However, if you have bookshelves that are more than six feet (180 cm) tall, then you are better off without the bookshelf.

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Position your bed so that you can see the door from where you sleep. If you have a bathroom, toilet or shower leading off your bedroom, make sure that the toilet door is always shut while you are asleep. Chi energy enters and exits the body through the feet, hands and the top of the skull. In Traditional Chinese Feng Shui a bed with its foot facing the door is referred to as the coffin position as it resembles a coffin that is always taken away feet first Symbolically not the most appealing image. (This can be any door the main bedroom door, the in-suite bathroom door, the balcony door or a walk-in closet door. Avoid a mirror that faces your bed or a mirrored set of closet doors. If your room is small and you must use a fold-in bed, you can attach feet to your bed and block up the empty wall. Lying in bed with your soles directly facing the door is called the coffin position. Before & After: A Clean and Modern Bathroom for 2,000.

Bathrooms and toilets above a front door press down the luck of the whole house. But to be clear, it’s important that the wall has a toilet, sink or shower on it and the stove or bed is on the opposite side, like in the image here. If your feet point toward a sink or a tub while you are in bed, you are in danger of serious loss like from cancer, major bankruptcy, serious injury or even death. Never Keep any Water Element, Plants and Mirror Facing the Bed. The Bed Should not Share Two Walls of the Bedroom. Bathroom Door Should not Align with the Bed or Bedroom Door. Do not Fix a Mirror Opposite any Door.