Foot Of Bed Facing Door (DIY Project Download)

Traditional Chinese feng shui school masters say that a bed aligned with the door resembles a coffin that is always taken away feet first. A headboard facing away from the main door, or a bed angled precisely perpendicular to the door each create a placement problem with different consequences for chi, or energy, flow. The classic consideration for bed placement is to avoid having your feet pointing at the door when you’re lying down. It’s also believed that when you sleep with your feet facing the bedroom door, you’ll feel restless and dissatisfied at home, and a sense of relaxation will escape you. Whether sleeping with your feet toward the door actually brings bad luck may be a superstitious matter, but there is something you can do to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed: Sleep on the left side.

foot of bed facing door 2If the mirror looks sideways onto your bed it is not a problem, why are mirrors in bedrooms considered bad? Two schools of thought, the first belief is when you sleep at night your soul is supposed to leave your body and when it leaves the first thing it sees is a reflection of itself and gets startled and this is what causes nightmares and a restless sleep. Correct feng shui bed placement can help you limit losses and misfortunes and Bad people working against you. For a good feng shui bed placement you must always have your head and feet pointing to a solid wall not a window or door. 8. mirrors facing the bed- Mirrors facing the bed is the most common feng shui bed placement tabboo. There seems to be no reason not to sleep with one’s head towards the door. If there is need to sleep with feet facing door, this is also permitted, and the custom above is by way of recommendation alone.

If your bed lies in the mortuary position, hang a crystal ball or a wind chime between the foot of the bed and the door to alleviate the negative effects. If the door is on the left, the best position is the far right corner of the room; if the door is on the right, the best bed location is the far left of the room; and if the door is the center, the best location is either the far right or far left corner of the room. For this reason, Feng Shui cautions against placing the foot of the bed against a wall, which can block your career and cause foot and ankle problems. I live in a studio apartment (600 square feet) with an open layout that’s a bit challenging to work with. Well now, your bed DOES face a door the way you placed it — a big sliding glass door! Maybe you can find a little screen or something to put between your bed and the main door to reroute the flow.

Feng Shui For The Bedroom

My current bed is symmetrical and I sleep with head facing door or the other way depending on my whimsical nature. If I slept with my head towards the door then my face would be next to my wife’s feet, and I’m not doing that for all the tea in China. Threatening pictures or art above the bed, at the foot of the bed, or even hanging over the bed can be subconsciously disturbing. It is bad to have the bed directly facing a door or window as Chi will rapidly flow into the bed when trying to sleep. What this means is that when you are lying on your bed your feet should not be facing towards the door or window. Move your bed if possible to avoid this bed position. The best space for a bed is along a solid wall with no doors or windows. Option 2: one other way to make sure energy isn’t coming directly at you whether your feet are facing the door or the bed is parallel to the door is to guide the energy. When I sleep facing South or North, I seem to have trouble sleeping. Sleeping with your feet facing the door, according to Feng Shui, is called the Coffin Position. Try putting your desk cater-corner to the door with your chair facing the entrance. This way you won’t be startled by visitors, lose your train of thought and break up the flow of ch’i (positive energy). The foot of your bed should not face the door.

Lesson 6

Avoid having your feet directly in line with the entry door to your bedroom when you sleep (the same applies to the bedroom windows if the window sill is below the height of your body when you sleep). Avoid sleeping with your head under the bedroom window. Strange as it sounds that can actually be quite useful, because it means that if you inadvertently face a bad direction, there are usually some good feng shui influences there as well, so the overall effect on you is not that bad. In other words, you want to be able to see the door while in bed, but not be aligned with the door. If your room is small and you must use a fold-in bed, you can attach feet to your bed and block up the empty wall. You should also avoid sleeping facing the window, if you can, or your sleep won’t be as restful.