Framing Closet Under Stairs (DIY Project Download)

Placing a closet underneath a set of stairs is a functional way to make use of existing floor space that probably does not get used often. Cut and build the ceiling frame exactly to size and slide it into place and then nail it with large nails. It’s very simple to framed-out a nice closet space in this staircase space and add either a side entrance door or a rear entrance door to access this new closet space. The larger portion under the stairs is taken up by my pantry. Make a 2×4 frame for a door and attach a piece the drywall you cut out to the back of it to make a door.

framing closet under stairs 2Behind the stairs, I want to put a door for a kind of under-the-stairs closet. But, I don’t know how to frame it properly to put the door in. Imagine a half bath or a coat closet under the stairs. To create your own particular vision, make an opening in the wall and frame the space for a door. If you have a set of stairs, there’s probably a lot of space underneath that isn’t being utilized. Here’s a way to make your own under the stairs bookcase. So it was gutted & redesigned. The opening for the closet / storage space was placed by the front door.

I have a closet understairs but I have to stoop to get to the back of it. What I’d like to do is install slide out drawers that come out from the dining room wall. In most cases, you’ll find that framing boards are located 16-inches on center. I put it in with command hooks so the door frame wouldn’t get ruined. Hi there, I want to partition my under-stairs closet.

Basement Framing Around Stairs

–Previous Up Next– framed in under-stair closet. Common spots include under staircases, at the end of a kitchen cabinet run, or in a wall that fronts a void (typically an attic or the eaves). If so, is there a big closet under the stairs? If so, what are you doing with it?Chances are, you’re doing the obvious and storing things there. As compensation, dress the room with an elegant framed mirror and towel bar. Space under the stairs is easy to ignore because it’s so well hidden. Use a reciprocating saw or a drywall saw to cut the drywall but not the studs to accommodate the closet door. How to Install a Cable-and-Rail Framing System.

How To Install Slide Out Under Stairs