Free Standing Pull Up Bar Plans (DIY Project Download)

In a bid to train for the World Record for Chin-ups in a 24 hour period, Charles Rankin came to Simplified Building to create the perfect pull-up bar to meet all of his particular expectations. Charles needed a pull-up bar that was free standing, portable enough he could take it to work and sturdy enough to hold up to his grueling training schedule that consisted of sometimes 2-3 thousand chin-ups a day. Hey guys, i figured id make a post on my completed freestanding pull-up bar that i made and how to make it. Maybe some people would like to have 1. If you are building yours and putting it in a garage you can buy black pipe, this is made of iron but will rust eventually if the weather gets to it. I once built this Free Standing Chinup Bar out of 2 x 4’s at a cost of about twenty five dollars. I used a lat bar I have for the bar.

free standing pull up bar plans 2I’m posting this as an addendum to other posts and to describe my experience building a free-standing stall bar assembly with pull-up bar extension. The attached plan has all the information you need to build these. Free standing pull up bars have the added benefit of coming as a free standing unit meaning that they are designed to be more of a fitness workout station rather than just being able to be used for pull ups. The pull up bar is made by Stamina Products who have been making exercise equipment for the last 25 years and over this time have mastered the art of building a free standing pull up bar that performs well and will last a lifetime. Check out this video I made about how my free standing pull up bar was made. It’s simple, cheap, and strong as hell! Take a look, hope you enjoy! How To Make A Free Standing Pull Up Bar! – YouTube. I’m in need of a pull up bar and didn’t really want to buy one; love the idea of MAKING one myself though. I’ll run this by a few metal working friends, see if they can point out what I need to make this thing happen.

I’ve been receiving a lot of requests to show how my pull up bar was made or to send out plans on how to make my pull up bar. The truth is, I didn’t make it so I can’t give out the exact plans. However, what I do know is that it’s not very hard and it’s a simple design. One of the most effective upper body exercises ever invented pull ups not only let you get strong but also help build muscle.

Free-standing Stall Bar Plans

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