Fukusada Wooden Light Bulb (DIY Project Download)

LEDON and Ryosuke Fukusada teams up to create a bulb encased in a thin layer of pine. Kyoto designer Ryosuke Fukusada has created a ultra-thin wooden lightbulb using traditional Japanese lathe turning. Designer Ryosuke Fukusada has carved a light bulb shaped casing from pine that fits snugly around an LED LEDON light bulb.

fukusada wooden light bulb 2At first glance artist Ryosuke Fukusada’s wooden light bulb looks like it was simply carved from a solid block of wood, and meant to hang from a ceiling as an art piece. Akin to shining a torch through your hand, this is how Kyoto-based designer Ryosuke Fukusada describes the striking light emitted by his Wooden Light Bulb. This wooden light bulb by Ryosuke Fukusada merges traditional craftsmanship with a modern LED device to create what appears to be a solid piece of wood shaped like a light bulb but which actually radiates light.

Marrying traditional Japanese craft techniques and energy-efficient lighting technology, designer Ryosuke Fukusada creates an LED bulb wrapped in a thin wooden. According to Fukusada, he wanted to design bulbs that would emit a warm glow similar to torch lights. The Wooden Light Bulb design won the Kyoto Renaissance design competition. Ryosuke Fukusada has created a working wooden light bulb by designing an extremely thin wooden shell that wraps around an LED light bulb.

How In The World Does This Wooden Lightbulb Work?

Thirty-four year-old Japanese artist Ryosuke Fukusada, a New York Magazine Twenty-One Under 35 young product designer, created wooden light bulb. We’ve featured wooden lightbulbs before, but this unique fixture from Japanese product designer Ryosuke Fukusada actually lets the light shine through the wooden casing. Wooden Light Bulb – Product Design by Ryosuke Fukusada See more about Bulbs, Product Design and Lights. Mixing traditional Japanese woodworking techniques with modern design, Ryosuke Fukusada has created a functional wooden light bulb! The unusual design was made using a technique called Rokuro, and it consists of an LED light bulb wrapped with a very thin layer of wood. Designer uses Japanese carving technique to create a wooden light bulb. Wooden you buy this? Ryosuke Fukusada The concept of an illuminated piece of wood might seem hard to visualize, but Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada created a surreal wooden light bulb that would make anyone do a double take. ‘Akin to shining a torch through your hand,’ this is how Kyoto-based designer Ryosuke Fukusada describes the striking light emitted by his Wooden Light Bulb.

No, You’re Not Hallucinating: Designer Unveils Wooden Light Bulb

In spring 2012, Ryosuke Fukusada’s Sapore dei Mobili and Wooden Light Bulb garnered the attention of English-language publications such as Forbes, Inhabitat, Daily Mail, Design Sponge, and Gizmodo. Amazing Product Design. A wooden light bulb lamp by product and industrial designer Ryosuke Fukusada. The LED device is wrapped by a wafer-thin wooden shel. Ryosuke Fukusada has created a lightbulb out of thin strip of wood. A light bulb that appears to be made from solid wood conceals an LED source. When lit it produces a warm and beautiful glow.

A wonderfully whimsical wooden light bulb designed by artist Ryosuke Fukusada combines traditional woodworking techniques and LED technology.