Furniture Polish Without Silicone Or Wax (DIY Project Download)

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And unlike some furniture polishes, Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish contains no waxes, abrasives, or silicones, and leaves no greasy film or buildup. Dusting Cloths: Our reusable soft dust cloth safely removes dust and dirt from wood, leather, and other surfaces without sprays. Moreover, these ingredients can be, and frequently are, changed without warning or notification. Silicone is put in furniture polish to make application easy and buffing off easy but if you ever need to have the piece of furniture you are polishing repaired or refinished it creates all sorts of problems for the repairer. Carnauba wax is sometimes found in beeswax polishes but only use a polish that contains this ingredient if you are trying to get a high gloss finish on raw wood and is not overly useful on lacquered finishes as it can make a satin finish very patchy with shiny spots all over it. (Furniture polish removes wax, so use a water-dampened cloth or chamois for dusting. Choose a wax polish if you want fairly permanent shine and scratch resistance on old, deteriorated finishes, or on newer finishes without using a silicone polish.

furniture polish without silicone or wax 2I have never found an aerosol polish that does not contain silicones. SILICONES ARE BAD FOR YOUR FURNITURE!! Having seen what they may do, here is how I think about them. The second is an oil polish, with either a drying or non-drying oil. I’ve been using Pledge all my life and haven’t seen any wax buildup or anything. Never use non-drying oils, like mineral oil or olive oil, for wood finishes. Hi Tom and Jesse This furniture polishing and dust spray plays a big part in my wife’s staple of goods for house cleaning. If you want to learn and have fun doing it, or share what you know about our favorite hobbies without fear of antagonism, WBF forum is for you. The good news for you is that the effect can be reversed by removing the silicone contamination with a wax and silicone remover wash. Have them switch to Guardsman furniture polish.

What they did not tell you, was that the silicone oils and petroleum distillates in their product would actually cause harm to your finish over time. Unless your furniture is unfinished, or the finish has deteriorated, there is absolutely no way any polish, oil or wax is going to get through the finish to the wood. 4 years: that’s a little over 17 hours spent giving your set a non-protective shine. 4 years: that’s a little over 17 hours spent giving your set a non-protective shine. Howard Feed and Wax polish is the number one seller in the market at the moment with over 1400 reviews. The average furniture polish contains silicone oil, which should not be used on all types of furniture, especially antique furniture, you may cause harm to the wood surface.

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furniture polish without silicone or wax 3The benefit of a furniture polish or wax is momentarily improving the appearance of the furniture, but primarily to protect against abrasion. Non-drying oils include mineral or paraffin oil, which are contained in liquid polishes marketed as lemon oil. Unlike well known brands of furniture polish Non Silicone Wood Silk aerosol does not contain any silicones or water. Water and silicones can cause the greatest damage to the finish of furniture. The Original Non Silicone Furniture Polish with Beeswax. 5. For small or hard to get at areas, spray on cloth and polish. Aristowax Products of Norwich,Norfolk,NR13 5BB,England. Lakeone fine furniture wax polish is a furniture care maintenance wax, designed for daily upkeep and will give a new shine to all of your antiques and fine furntiure. Non-silicone, non-CFC aerosol; safe for use on wood surfaces. All you need to know about Furniture Polish. The ingredients could be, and frequently are, changed without warning or notification. Before making any attempt to clean, polish or wax a surface, make sure that the surface is sound. Areosols have been among the worst offenders in introducing silicone oils and other contaminants onto furniture. These products attract the dust from the furniture without scratching the surface. Wax or furniture polish should never be used on oil finishes. Long term use of silicone polishes on furniture can cause the lacquer on the surface to crack, split and break down.

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This extra gentle cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning wood surfaces. Wood can also develop a wax or silicone build-up from the use of other wood care products. It deep cleans the wood surface lifting out years of old wax, polish, stains, grease, grime, crayon, dust and dirt build-up, leaving the surface clean and ready to be re-polished. Weiman Furniture Cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using it on every wood surface in your home. A deep wax polish is very different from a surface gloss, and is the only appropriate finish for formal antique furniture. Never use oils, silicones or other synthetic muck. Aristowax Products of Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 5BB, England. The most popular form in the United States today is aerosol furniture polish, which sells over 80 million units per year. Carnauba wax is tough, high melting and, when properly compounded, imparts a fine shine without all the buffing required by beeswax. The most widely used polymers are based on silicone oils, which provide lubricity and good gloss. The primary animal wax (or more accurately, insect wax) is beeswax which is useful for its unique physical and chemical properties.