Furniture Refinishing Veneer (DIY Project Download)

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Learn how to refinish furniture faster and easier by avoiding stripping. The majority of the desk seems to be wood (I can feel the grain), though it is fairly light and cheap feeling. Strip, Stain and Recoat Your Old Wooden Table Top to Restore the Scarred Oak Veneer to a Beautiful New Finish.

furniture refinishing veneer 2The Basic Assumption: The assumption is that you have an older well made wood furniture item. It does not matter if it has veneered surfaces or is solid lumber. Though I had some familiarity with minor repairs to antique furniture and refinishing of hardwood floors, this was my first attempt at something so meticulous and risky to such a cherished and historical item (I know it s not the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but it IS my Jag). The Furniture Physicians Company is a family refinishing business operating in the Columbus Ohio area for its’ 34th year. Most new furniture is made from ground paper and wood pulp with an ever thinning wood veneer and construction techniques that are questionable at best.

1st did you know that under that peeling veneer is good wood! Not to mention all the DIY projects, my furniture refinishing business and my family that supports me along the way. Da Vinci Restoration repairs and restores furniture and oil paintings, conserves art and antiques, and specializes in restoring your family heirlooms. Chair regluing; Veneer repair; Minor upholstery repair; Table refinishing. B The presence of veneer indicates inferior quality. C A piece of furniture with veneer on it cannot be stripped, sanded or refinished.

Diy Furniture Refinishing Guidelines

furniture refinishing veneer 3It didn’t need any veneer work!! Bonus! I hate veneer work, but do it often. Here is the definitive list of Lawrence’s furniture refinishing services as rated by the Lawrence, MA community. He also does inlay refinishing, veneer repair and much more.

Tips For Removing Peeling Veneer